Protein and Antibody Production and Purification Laboratory

This laboratory concentrates on the production and purification of proteins and antibodies under contractual arrangements with clients. The laboratory produces monospecific antibodies in rabbits and mice using conventional immunization methodologies using purified protein immunogens as well as genetic immunization methods. Antibodies are concentrated and purified using standard methodologies.

The laboratory provides service support on the use of chromatographic methods for the purification of proteins from bacterial or eukaryotic expression systems. One example of a purification procedure involves the purification of histidine-tagged proteins produced in bacteria and insect cells. Purification by FPLC is done using immobilized metal ion adsorption chromatography (IMAC). Additional chromatographic methodologies that can be applied include Ion Exchange chromatography (IEC) and reverse-phase chromatography.

The laboratory has a fully automated chromatographic system AKTAExplorer FPLC system (Amersham/Pharmacia). The entire system is refrigerated and computer controlled using Unicorn software v3.10. HPLC equipment are available for further protein purification in collaboration with the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the department of Comparative Medical Sciences at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (Dr. Steve Barker, Director).

Contact Information

Gus Kousoulas, PhD
Professor & Director
SVM Room 3112