Thank you for your interest in the LSU Student Support Services program.

SSS Membership is a privilege that is granted to an elite group of LSU students.

  • Gather the following information needed to apply:
    • Social Security number
    • LSU ID Number (89 number)
    • LSU email address
    • Information about educational attainment of your parents (for those who lived with their biological or adoptive parents)
    • 1040 Tax Return or information about family taxable income and resources received by the family
    • Your highest ACT or SAT composite score
    • Your highest Math ACT sub-score
    • Your high school GPA and rank in your class at graduation
    • Information about high schools attended
    • Information about previous college experience

Please contact Craig Winchell to apply or for more information:

Craig Winchell
Assitant Director, M.Ed.