2021 Fashion Show

Who We Are

Fashion Association at LSU is a student organization mainly composed of Textile Science, Apparel Design, and Merchandising students in the College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University. Fashion Association at LSU is dedicated to promoting fashion, creativity, and awareness among LSU students and the local community.

Our Fashion Show

Each year, Fashion Association at LSU hosts a student fashion show event in cooperation with the Department of Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising to showcase original garments designed by our students and outfits styled by our students. This event has always been an all-student produced show sponsored by many local businesses. Our show consists of three main portions: Junior Class collections, Senior Class collections, and Styling. Students present garments constructed through their curriculum at LSU. Our fashion show has consistently garnered support from the community and averages an attendance of 400 guests.


Our 2020 fashion show was canceled when the university shut down for Covid-19. This year, to follow current Covid restrictions, we re-imagined our fashion show into a professionally filmed fashion video shot in the beautiful LSU quad. Our film was presented on May 3rd, 2021 in a live, red-carpet premiere event at the LSU Student Union Theater. The film was also virtually presented, and can be found below, so that our talented students can show their hard work to a much larger audience than ever before. We are thrilled to be back with our annual fashion show!


Caucasian model leaning against the wall. Caucasian model posing with arm up.Close up of design collar.African American model in pink and blue design.

Three models in designs by Chloe Hogan.Caucasian male model posing on stairway.Caucasian male model close up. African American male model.

African American model in blue.African American model in yellow.Senior Design 11 -Amelia ButtsCaucasian model in white.

Caucasian model in green against a wall. Caucasian model in green in a corridor.Caucasian model in green posing.Caucasian model in checkered dress posing.

Caucasian model in checkered dress with hands in pockets.African American model in dark blue dress.Native American model in brown and tan posing in corral. Native American model posing against grassy background.

Close up of brown and tan top.Caucasian model in red and white. Caucasian mode in blue and white.

EnJanae' Taylor and her model.Caucasian model in denim and pink. Back view.(00's)Caucasian mode in denim and pink. Front viewIndian model in white and blue.

Caucasian mode in denim and white.African American model in purple and white. Close up of striped jacket. Close up of Dress pockets.