2019 Fashion Show

LSU's 13th Annual Fashion Show was held on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 in the Student Union Cotillion Ballroom.

The Annual Fashion Show event consisted of original designs from our students in the design program. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors showcased designs they worked on throughout the semester. Each designer holds a unique sense of style and creation.

Sophomore Design- Chloe HoganStyling Competition 1Styling Competition-Brielle PourciauStyling Competition 2

Senior Design 1- Divya PatelSenior Design 2- Divya PatelSenior Design 3- Divya PatelSenior Design 1-Vanessa Barrios

Senior Design 3-Vanessa BarriosSenior Design 2-Vanessa BarriosSenior Design 1-Natalie WelchSenior Design 2-Natalie Welch

Senior Design 3-Natalie WelchSenior Design 4-Natalie WelchSenior Design 1-Madison BurattSenior Design 2-Madison Buratt

Senior Design 3-Madison BurattSenior Design 1-Ingrid SjunnesenSenior Design 2-Ingrid SjunnesenSenior Design 1-Ashley Twigg

Senior Design 2- Ashley TwiggSenior Design 1-Caroline BrainardSenior Design 2-Caroline BrainardJunior Design 1- Katie Brunet

Junior Design 2- Katie BrunetJunior Design 3- Katie BrunetSophomore Design - Natalie AguillardSophomore Design- Olivia Lapuyade

Junior Design 1- Camille MarcelStyling Competition- Vanessa BarriosSenior Design 1- Kelsey ParchmanSenior Design 2- Kelsey Parchman

Senior Design 1- Francesca PiccioneSenior Design 1- Lea KellySenior Design 2- Lea KellySenior Design 3- Lea Kelly

Senior Design 4- Lea KellySenior Design 1- Nathan WatsonSenior Design 2- Nathan WatsonSenior Design 1- Hollie Parker

Senior Design 2- Hollie ParkerSenior Design 1- Morgan GonzalesSenior Design 2- Morgan GonzalesJunior Design 1- Kayla Sherman

Junior Design 1- Sarah NeleJunior Design 1- Gabby HebertSophomore Design-Matthew PiloteSenior Design 1- Lizzie Hotard

Senior Design 2- Lizzie HotardSenior Design 3- Lizzie HotardSenior Design 4- Lizzie HotardSenior Design 5- Lizzie Hotard