Grievances, Complaints and Appeals

The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for addressing complaints involving student on student harassment and/or discrimination when neither the accused(s) nor the accuser(s) are employees of the University.  Below is a list of references to assist with locating the correct department to file either an appeal, complaint or a grievance.

Submit a Complaint

Policies and Procedures for Student Complaints and Appeals

Policy Statement 48 (PS-48) covers the general appeal procedure available to students.  This statement establish procedures that an individual student may use to question formally the application of any university regulation, rule, policy, requirement or procedure, not otherwise covered by an established procedure, as it applies to that individual student. 

Academic Grievances and Grade Appeals

The LSU General Catalog specifies the process through which students may appeal a grade.  

Admissions Decisions (Undergraduate)

The Division of the Enrollment Management oversees admission to LSU at the undergraduate level. Undergraduate admission is based on review of various credentials as outlined in the Undergraduate Admissions section of the LSU General Catalog.  

Graduate Student Admissions Appeals

As specified in the LSU General Catalog, admission to the LSU Graduate School is awarded on the basis of evidence of academic achievement and promise. Additionally, graduate students may appeal decisions not specifically covered in the LSU Graduate Bulletin, as noted in PS-21 and in PS-48, by writing to the dean of the Graduate School and clearly expressing the decision/action to be appealed, the requested relief, and all pertinent details and necessary attachments[SR1] .

Graduate Student Assistantship Appeal

Graduate assistants are appointed based on the policies set forth in Policy Statement 21 (PS-21): Graduate Assistantships[SR2] . Students are assigned to teaching, research, or service in the department/office providing the assistantship. If a student loses his or her assistantship appointment because of an academic action, the student or department may petition to the dean of the graduate school to continue the assistantship.

Residential Life Conduct Appeal

If a student has allegedly violated a community standard, a policy, or the Code of Student Conduct, a Student Conduct and Contractual Review Process is invoked. A student conduct board participates in this process

Residential Life Contract Appeal

Students living in an on-campus community have a year-long (i.e., fall and spring semesters) contract with the university and are subject to financial penalties if they choose to move off-campus prior to the end of the academic year; however, they may apply for a release without penalty from the residence hall for extraordinary circumstances, an appeal that is reviewed by a contract appeals committee. 

Library Appeal

Students may appeal library fines that are assessed for items that are overdue, lost, or damaged electronically, as specified in the LSU Libraries' appeal procedures that are described on the libraries’ Website, linked from the Circulation Policies

Graduate Student Residency Appeal

Eligibility for classification as a Louisiana resident is determined in accordance with LSU Administration's Permanent Memorandum 31 (PM-31): Residence Regulations and is based on evidence provided on the student’s application for admission and related documentation.  In accordance with PM-31[SR3] , both undergraduate and graduate students may also appeal the decision of their respective admissions office by filing a written appeal to the LSU System’s residence appeals committee

Residency Appeal to LSU System

If an undergraduate applicant appeals the residency decision made by The Admissions Office, appeals are reviewed by our Admissions Residency Committee. If the appeal is denied, the student can appeal through the Academic Affairs appeals process.  If the student wishes to appeal further, the PS-48 Appeal guidelines are followed.

Student Discrimination (Disability) Complaint, HRM

The University is also committed to promoting an atmosphere to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities, to bring persons with disabilities into the social and economic mainstream, and to provide enforceable standards to address discrimination against individuals with disabilities, as stated in PS-26: Policy for Persons with Disabilities. Once a direct supervisor is contacted and a satisfactory resolution has not been reached, you may file a formal grievance, as defined by LSU’s policy on persons with disabilities (PS-26). The final appeal for ADA accommodations is reviewed by LSU’s ADA/Title II coordinator. 

Student Sexual Harassment Complaint, HRM

LSU is also committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment and has policies and procedures in place to address this specific issue: PM-73: Sexual Harassment and PS-95 Sexual Harassment of Students. A student who believes that he or she has been subjected to discrimination and/or harassment has the right to report such conduct to any university official. Students can file a Title IX complaint through the LSU Cares portal to initiate an investigation and/or receive support related to interpersonal violence.

Student Aid (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Appeal

The U.S. Department of Education requires that all schools administering Title IV funding have a satisfactory academic progress policy to ensure that students receiving financial aid are progressing toward their degree.  Students not meeting LSU’s satisfactory academic progress standards policy have the[SR8]  right to submit a written appeal to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Student Aid. If the student questions this decision, he or she may appeal to the Academic Affairs/Faculty Senate Ad-hoc Committee, which makes the final decision.

Student Scholarship Appeal

Undergraduate students whose scholarships have been canceled due to failure to maintain the cumulative grade-point average (GPA) required for retention of the award may appeal the cancellation if extenuating circumstances exist that contributed to their poor academic performance. The appeal process is initiated by contact from the student. Appeals are accepted and reviewed only for students with scholarships administered by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Traffic Citations Appeal

Students may appeal a parking ticket/tow within seven calendar days from the date it was issued/charged. All appeals must be submitted through the form on the Parking and Transportation Services Website.