About the Vice President

Jeremiah Shinn

What I Believe about Our Work

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring that the 153 hours LSU students spend outside the classroom each week are preparing them for success and achievement when they are inside the classroom. As a lifelong educator and an ardent believer in the transformational power of higher education, I am inspired by what is possible when we work together to do things that matter. LSU has a storied history, rich traditions, and proud alumni, but in many ways, we are just getting started. To continue to serve our students more effectively, we are committed to a set of aspirational mindsets:

We will work with an increased sense of urgency. To position LSU to meet the coming challenges in American higher education, our state, and our nation, urgency is something we have to embrace. It’s not necessarily about more or faster. It’s about having a pep in our step and fighting the urge to drag our feet as we begin to work at an accelerated pace of change.  

We will be unequivocally LSU-centric. The role LSU has played and will continue to play in our state is something we can be proud of. Moving this great institution forward requires each of us to link arms and walk together, in the same direction. We have to find ways to distinguish all of our programs, services, events, and experiences as LSU experiences, rather than devoting energy toward distinguishing them from other LSU experiences. Students want to experience us as one university. By prioritizing institutional objectives and aligning our efforts toward accomplishing those objectives, we will show up as a stronger and more student-centered version of LSU.   

Our work will be grounded in a cohesive strategy. Because we are one university, everything we do is related to everything else we do. The extent to which we are strategic is 100% up to us. In our division, we can actually do more for LSU students when we are consistently strategic and intentional. We’ll need to collaborate in moments when duplication is easier. We’ll need to shift, change, and evolve in ways that feel uncomfortable at times. But when everything we do is related to everything else we do…we create a far more seamless experience for LSU students.  

As someone who first experienced higher education as a first-generation, low-income student, the opportunity to earn a college degree altered my trajectory and expanded my view of what was possible for me and for the world. Public higher education remains my anchor, my passion, and my life’s work. In the great tradition of the land grant institution, LSU is known for its commitment to higher education as a public good, accessible to all. It achieves this lofty mission while simultaneously driving the economic engine of a state, serving as an example to institutions across the nation, and advancing knowledge in pursuit of a better world. In short, this is a magical place…and the best is yet to come. 


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