2018 General Election

2019 General Election - Call for Nominations 

The LSU Staff Senate is accepting nominations for staff to run in the Spring 2019 General Election. Staff elected will fill expiring or vacant seats. The term of office is one to three years depending on whether the seat available is vacant or expires at the end of June 2019. More information is listed below about senator duties, seats available, the timeline for the election, and how to file for candidacy. If you have any questions, please call 225-578-8566 or email staffsen@lsu.edu.
Senator Duties
  • Senators are appointed to a full three-year term or to fill a vacancy that has less than three years
  • Senators shall attend an orientation meeting
  • Senators are expected to attend monthly meetings
  • Senators shall serve on at least two Senate committees  
  • Senators shall make themselves known to their constituents, indicate how they can be contacted, listen to staff concerns and suggestions and communicate both to Staff Senate, as well as provide information on issues that affect staff to constituents
  • Senators must keep their constituents well-informed of the work of the Senate
  • Senators shall represent all staff (Senators are not elected to represent a school, department, or specific area)
Seats Available
  • Category EEO 3 – Professional/Non-Faculty – 5 seats for a 3-Year Term
  • Category EEO 3 – Professional/Non-Faculty – 1 vacant seat for a 2-Year Term
  • Category EEO 3 – Professional/Non-Faculty – 2 vacant seats for a 1-Year Term
  • Category EEO 4 – Clerical/Secretarial – 2 seats for a 3-Year Term (unopposed)
  • Category EEO 5 – Technical/Paraprofessional – 1 seat for a 3-Year Term (no candidates)
  • Category EEO 6 – Skilled Crafts – 1 seat for a 3-Year Term (unopposed)
  • Category EEO 7 – Service/Maintenance – 2 seats for a 3-Year Term (no candidates)
  • Category EEO 7 – Service/Maintenance – 2 vacant seats for a 1-Year Term (no candidates)
Timeline (Amended)
  • March 20:  Deadline for receipt of nomination forms
  • March 27:  Deadline for nominees to withdraw from election
  • April 8:  Ballots distributed to staff
  • April 18:  Deadline for receipt of completed ballots
  • April 22:  The Executive Committee will tabulate the votes and notify the nominees. In cases where there are only as many candidates in a category as vacancies, the candidates will be declared elected without opposition. 
File for Candidacy
To file for candidacy, please complete and return the Declaration of Candidacy Form and send to the Staff Senate Office located in room 330 Thomas Boyd Hall or scan and email the completed form to staffsen@lsu.edu no later than March 20, 2019.
*Newly elected Staff Senators will be invited to attend the last meeting of the 2018-2019 year on June 19. Their term officially begins on July 1, 2019.