Health Effects of Pollutants Information

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    CDC: National Center for Environmental Health

    CDC: Monitoring of Diesel Particulate Exhaust in the Workplace

    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    EPA: Expo-Box (A Toolbox for Exposure Assessors)

    EPA: How to Protect Your Family from the Health Effects of Smoke

    EPA: MyEnvironment 

    EPA: My Green Apps

    Louisiana State University (LSU)

    LSU-SRP Fact Sheet

    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

    NIEHS: Health Effects - Animal Studies (Research briefs by category)

    NIEHS: Health Effects - Human Studies (Research briefs by category)

    NIEHS: Lead and Your Health 

    NIEHS: 20 Easy Steps to Personal Environmental Health Now

    NIEHS: Superfund Research Program

    NIEHS: Resources for Scientists

    NIEHS: Urban Gardening: Managing the Risks of Contaminated Soil

    National Institute of Health (NIH)

    NIH: Finding and Using Health Statistics

    NIH: Haz-Map- Information on Hazardous Chemicals and Occupational Diseases

    National Library of Medicine (NLM)

    NLM: Household Products Database

    NLM: TOXMAP- Explore on-site toxic chemical releases and hazardous waste sites 

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: Enviro-Health Links

    U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: Toxicology Web Links 


    Air Contamination: Eastern Michaud Flats Contamination (Idaho)

    A Citizen's Guide to Risk Assessments and Public Health Assessments 

    Cornell Waste Management Institute: Soil Quality and Testing

    Health E Links: Online Health Information You Can Trust

    PSR: Environment and Health