Scienta Omicron ESCA 2SR X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscope

Scienta Omicron ESCA 2SR X-Ray

The Scienta Omicron ESCA 2SR X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscope is a versatile surface analysis system for routine and advanced XPS and ESCA applications on a broad range of materials. Its remarkable features and capabilities include:

  • Computer controlled operation station featuring a graphic user interface for ease of use and flexibility in data acquisition setup
  • Equipped with standard Mg/Al source and high performance Al monochromatic source
  • Fully motorized 5 Axis sample stage and large sample carrier for fast routine application and unattended operation
  • Scientific Sample Stage for heating or cooling setup
  • State of the art 128 channel detector technology providing superior signal quality and ultimate detection limits
  • Excellent energy resolution and sensitivity at small analysis areas
  • High performance XPS imaging in realistic time frames
  • Charge neutralization system enabling outstanding performance on insulating materials
  • Computer controlled Ion Gun sputtering system enabling fast surface cleaning or depth profiling
  • Casa XPS software installed to facilitate the great convenience for post-data processing

Information obtained from Scienta Omicron ESCA 2SR XPS:

  • Surface composition
  • Chemical state identification of the elements in the sample (oxide state, functional groups, etc.)
  • What contaminations are in the surface or the bulk of the sample
  • The density of the electronic states
  • Compositional depth profile