Leica TCS SP8 Confocal with WLL 


Leica SP8 Confocal with White Light Laser system operates from a DMI-8 CS Bino inverted microscope with AFC closed loop focusing, scanning and Super Z-Galvo stages, turret cooling, spill protection, and CUDA workstation motorized DIC accessories.

Lasers and Detectors:

  • UV / 405 nm
  • White Light Laser system (470 to 670 nm + Ar) tunable in steps of 1 nm
  • Argon – Blue (458, 476, 488, 496, and 514nm)
  • Depletion lasers (592, 660, and 775 nm)
  • 5 channels of Confocal Detection
    • 3 Super Sensitive Spectral Hybrid detectors
    • 2 cooled PMT detectors


LeicaTCSSP8 Confocal

Mouse neurons

Dr. Ryoichi Teruyama

Z-stack for 3-D render0.

  • Tandem Scanner (Variable and Resonant) for imaging at speeds from 1 to 16000Hz
  • Scanning XY-stage for montage imaging
  • Automated DIC for all installed objectives (10x/0.30 dry; 20x/0.75 and 63x/1.20 water immersion; 40x/1.30 and 63x/1.40 oil immersion)
  • Adaptive Focus Control
  • LightGate Imaging via pulsed WLL and HyD detectors helps remove reflected light as well as autofluorescence
  • HyVolution 2 integrated deconvolution during image acquisition for improved contrast and resolution
  • Z-stack for 3-D rendering
  • Brightfield:
    • Transmission
    • Reflection
  • Fluorescence
    • Multi-color simultaneous acquisition
    • Serial acquisition
    • Time lapse
    • FRET
    • FRAP
    • FLIM
    • STED