JEOL JXA-8230 Electron Microprobe


The Electron Microprobe Laboratory is equipped with the fully-automated JEOL JXA-8230 high resolution, highly stable SEM and a WDS/EDS combined Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA). The microprobe has a total of 3 wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (each spectrometer holds 2 of the following crystals: TAPJ, PETJ, PETHS, LDE2 LIF, LIFHS) The primary function of the microprobe is to provide major- and minor-element analyses of solid samples at the 1-5 micron scale and it can acquire digital secondary-electron and backscattered-electron images as well as elemental x-ray maps making it possible to analyze solid materials in situ and to resolve complex chemical variation (e.g. zoning) within single phases.


  • Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy, WDS
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, EDS
  • Secondary Electron Imaging, SEI
  • Backscatter Electron Imaging, BSE
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Elemental Mapping (EDS; WDS)
  • Phase Analysis
  • Line Analysis

EPMA has a broad range of scientific applications and is used in a variety of fields including geology, biology, archeology, material science, chemical, mechanical and biomedical engineering, physical and biological chemistry, solid-state physics, metallurgy, and electronics.