About Us

The LSU Cale P. & Katherine Smith Student Financial Management Center, located within the LSU Olinde Career Center in the LSU Student Union, encourages, educates and empowers LSU students to become financially literate, make good financial decisions and form fiscally responsible habits. Through educating Tigers on how to create and manage budgets, negotiate salaries, prepare taxes or even plan for retirement, the SFMC is committed to alleviating students’ financial stress and laying a fiscal foundation for their future.

Since 2014, the SFMC has reached 4,000 LSU students through workshops and programming and has increased undergraduate appointments by 200 percent. The SFMC’s namesake donor, Cale Smith, said that he and wife Katherine wanted to help minimize LSU graduates’ debt end ensure success upon graduation. “A high rate of debt is one of the top causes of divorce among married couples and one of the top five causes of suicides. Katherine and I felt that if the financial center could provide students with the necessary skills to manage debt in such a way that would save a single marriage or save a single life, then our donation to LSU is certainly worth it, and we feel blessed to be able to do it.”

Did you know that 1/3 of the LSU student population listed finances as a source of stress?

We want to help alleviate that stress and get you on the right track to financial success. 

Whether you have problems sticking to a solid budget or need tips on how to negotiate your future salary, the SFMC is here to help!

The SFMC promises to:

  • Provide financial literacy education through campus outreach
  • Evaluate student financial challenges and provide applicable information 
  • Provide resources to help students make healthy financial decisions
  • Empower LSU students through financial education

Services we do not provide:

  • Advising on applying, accepting, or maintaining financial aid and scholarships. Please contact LSU Financial Aid & Scholarships for information on this topic.
  • Investment advice
  • Selecting a financial institution
  • Choosing financial planning services
  • Tax advice and preparation
  • Retirement planning


The LSU Cale P. & Katherine Smith Student Financial Management Center (SFMC) is committed to helping students create and maintain financially responsible behaviors by providing resources and educational opportunities. The SFMC endeavors to educate and empower each LSU student in making positive financial decisions and fostering healthy financial management behaviors.


The SFMC will encourage positive awareness of financial literacy and financial management through engaging workshops and programs.