SCI Lead

SCI Lead is a student council within the College of Science, which assists students in developing professional, leadership, and communication skills while advancing diversity and inclusion. Our members participate in a variety of professional and community opportunities, that are designed to help students network with others in their field and prepare them for a career in science.

Our goal is to support professional skill development through creative thinking, leadership training opportunities and community outreach, while also helping students establish their professional identities.

Members of SCI Lead receive the following opportunities during their time within the council:

  • Participate in a Leadership Learning Laboratory

  • Collaborate with fellow members to implement programs and events for the LSU and Baton Rouge Community

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of leadership training opportunities and outreach activities for their peers


Meet the 2021-2022 Members

Grace Brandhurst Headshot

Grace Brandhurst

Classification: Junior

Major: Biochemistry, Philosophy




Jason Huang Headshot

 Jason Huang

Classification: Junior

Major: Biological Sciences 




Abby LeBlanc Headshot

Abby LeBlanc

Classification: Senior

Major: Biological Sciences




Anna Leyrer headshot

Anna Leyrer

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Biological Sciences 

Calli Nguyen Headshot

Calli Nguyen

Classification: Senior

Major: Biological Sciences,
Interdisciplinary Studies




Joshua Nguyen Headshot

Cody Orvin

Classification: Senior

Major: Biological Sciences

Aaliyah Robinson Headshot

Aaliyah Robinson

Classification: Junior

Major: Biological Sciences



Former SCI Lead Students

Name Area of Study Years Active
Zarafshan Gulam-Ali Biological Sciences 2019-2020
Daniel Brignac Computational Mathematics 2018-2019
Ethan Burnett Biological Sciences 2018-2021
Eduardo Chamah Biological Sciences 2019-2021
Onesty Culpepper Biological Sciences 2019-2021
Shatiyana Dunn Chemistry 2018-2020
Rory Escobedo Geology 2019-2020
Kiara Ferrygood Mathematics 2018-2020
Haley Gagliano Biological Sciences 2018-2020
Imogen Hoffman Chemistry 2018-2021
Willie Hurst Microbiology 2018-2019
Bailey Hutzler Astrophysics 2018-2019
Adrianna Jones Biological Sciences 2018-2020
Samantha Lee Biological Sciences 2018-2021
Salim Lutfallah Chemistry 2019-2020
Brooke Mendoza Mathematics 2019-2020
Ashley Merriweather Chemistry 2018-2019
Dipika Nagliya Biological Sciences 2018-2019
Joshua Nguyen Chemistry 2018-2021
Nathan Pearl Biological Sciences 2018-2020
Claudia Rodriguez Biological Sciences 2019-2020


Contact Us

Dr. Zakiya S. Wilson-Kennedy Headshot


Dr. Zakiya S. Wilson-Kennedy

Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, College of Science

Associate Professor of Research, Chemistry Education

Louisiana State University

124 Hatcher Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

office 225-578-4906 |

Mwembezi Nyelele Headshot


Mwembezi Nyelele

Graduate Assistant

College of Science

Office of Diversity & Inclusion