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Time and location: Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held on Friday in the Life Sciences Annex Auditorium (A-101) at 3:30 PM. Check the individual notices posted in the hallways or your e-mail box for confirmation of times and locations. 

Fall 2018 Schedule

Date Talk Speaker Institute Host
8/24 Safety Seminar Multiple Speakers LSU (Chemistry) Safety Committe Chair: David Spivak
8/31 Attochemistry: Simulating Dynamics at the Timescale of Electron Motion

Kenneth Lopata

 LSU (Chemistry)  Andy Maverick
9/7 Structure and Dynamics in Macromolecular Systems Gerald Schneider LSU (Chemistry) John Pojman
 9/14 Old Technique New Tricks: Using Ultrafast Infrared Spectroscopies to Study Dynamics and Structure of Solutions Daniel Kuroda LSU (Chemistry) Les Butler
 9/21 Fog Chemistry and Air Pollution Kalliat T. Valsaraj LSU (Chemical Engineering) Coordinator: Robert Cook
 9/28 Combining Old-school and State of the Art Techniques to Mass Spectral Characterization of Complex Mixtures Alexandra Stenson University of Southern Alabama Robert Cook

Superconductors: where are we and where are we going?

2018 Boussert Lecture

Robert Cava  Princeton University

Carol Taylor & Weiwei Xie

10/12 PAHs Dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Kanchan Maiti  LSU (Oceanography)  Coordinator: Robert Cook
10/19 Metastable states of colloidal suspensions: Influence of interactions and packing density on structure and dynamics Miriam Siebenbuerger  LSU (CAMD)  Gerald Schneider
10/26 TBA William Tolman University of Minnesota Matthew Chambers
11/2 Development of Next Generation Analytical Methodologies for Herbicide Testing Arther Gates Syngenta Crop Protection Isiah Warner
11/9 TBA Geoffrey Coates   Cornell University  Donghui Zhang
11/16 Home Game      
11/30 TBA Jeremy C. Smith  University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Gerald Schneider


Spring 2019 Schedule

Date Talk Speaker Institute Host
1/11 Safety Seminar Multiple Speakers LSU (Chemistry) David Spivak
1/18 TBA

William R. Heineman

University of Cincinnati Graduate Students
1/25 TBA Dongmao Zhang Mississippi State University Isiah Warner
 2/1 OPEN      
 2/8 OPEN      
2/15 TBA James Mayer Yale University
Noemie Elgrishi
2/22 Structure and Dynamics of HIV-1 Protein Assemblies by an Integrated Approach Tatyana Polenova University of Delaware Tuo Wang
3/1 TBA Shekhar Garde Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Revati Kumar
3/8  OPEN      
3/15  OPEN      
3/22  OPEN      
3/29  OPEN      
4/5  OPEN      
4/12  OPEN      
4/19 SPRING BREAK      
4/26 Graduate Awards  Multiple  LSU (Chemistry)  John Pojman



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