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Time and location: Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held on Fridays via Zoom at 3:30. Check the individual notices posted  on bulletin boards or your e-mail box for confirmation of times and locations.    

Fall 2021 Schedule

Date           Talk        Speaker  Institute                               Host
8/27/2021 Safety Meeting      

"Organic Synthesis in the Ragains Group: Where We Were, Where We Are Where (We Think) We're Going" 

        Professor Justin Ragains                                      Department of Chemistry Louisiana State University Professor Kenneth Lopata

"Creating New Organic Synthetic Reactions Using Cationic Intermediates"

       Professor Rendy Kartika        Department of Chemistry Louisiana State University Professor Kenneth Lopata

"Decoding molecular mechanisms in cellular development"

        Prof. Megan Macnaughtan Department of Chemistry Louisiana State University Professor Kenneth Lopata

"Structure and Dynamics in Macromolecular Systems"

        Professor Gerald Schneider Department of Chemistry Louisiana State University Professor Kenneth Lopata

"Design and Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors: From Bioinspired Organic Semiconductors to Green Chemistry"'

      Professor Toby Nelson Oklahoma State University Professor Rendy Kartika

Spring 2020 Schedule

Date Talk Speaker Institute Host
1/17 Safety Meeting      
1/24 Combining chemical disciplines to realistically appraise pathways and rates of environmental reactions Alan Stone Johns Hopkins University Robert Cook
1/31 Applications of Supramolecular Chemistry in Next Generation Biomaterials Davita Watkins University of Mississippi John Pojman
 2/7 Ultrafast X-Ray Molecular Dynamics Steve Leone UC Berkley Louis Haber
2/14 Toward "Chemical GPS": Using Computers to Learn from Dark Reactions Kenneth Poeppelmeier Northwestern University Weiwei Xie
2/21 Structure and Dynamics in Complex Chemical Systems: NMR Studies Elevated with Computational Chemistry Karl Mueller Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Tuo Wang
2/28 Transition Metal Catalysts for the Efficient, Large-scale and Stereoselective Synthesis of Cyclic Polymers Adam Veige University of Florida Semin Lee
3/6 APS March Meeting (Denver, CO      
3/13 RESERVED      
3/27 Spring Break (ACS Philadelphia, PA)      



West Lectureship  Vicki Wysocki The Ohio State University Chris Sumner
4/10 Good Friday Holiday      
4/24 Graduate Awards      

Fall 2020 Schedule

Date Talk Speaker Institute Host
8/28 Safety Meeting      
9/4 Football Weekend (UTSA Roadrunners)      
9/11 Football Weekend (Texas Longhorns)      
 9/18 Elucidation of Carbohydrate Structure in Plant Biomass and Fungal Pathogens Using Solid-State NMR and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Methods Tuo Wang  Louisiana State University  Kermit Murray
9/25 Football Weekend (Ole Miss Rebels)      
10/2 Football Weekend (Nicholls Colonels)      
10/9 Fall Break      
10/16 Open      
10/23 Texas Style Metal-based Drug Discovery Professor Jonathan Sessler University of Texas at Austin Victor Garcia-Lopez
10/23 Football Weekend (Mississippi Bulldogs)      
10/30 Grand Challenges for MOFs: a role for NMR  Jeff Reimer  UC Berkeley  Tuo Wang
11/6 Football Weekend (Alabama Crimson Tide)      
11/13 Football Weekend (South Carolina Gamecocks)      
11/27 Thanksgiving Break      

Boussert Lecture     Cancelled

Thierry Gacoin Laboratoire PMC, CNRS Noémie Elgrishi

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