Celebrating 20 Years of ChemDemo

In Fall of 1997, Professors George Stanley and Pat Limbach began sending LSU students out into the community to teach a thematic set of scientific concepts to a class in a local school.  The lessons featured exciting, hands-on demonstrations … and so was born ChemDemo. 

On Saturday, September 16th, the Department and community gathered together to celebrate this landmark occasion.  The festivities kicked of with a jambalaya lunch sponsored by the Baton Rouge Local Section of the American Chemical Society.  At 1 pm, there was a show of the eight regular “demos.”  The show was followed by a sweet treat of liquid nitrogen ice-cream, prepared by Heidi Nowakowski and her SAACS team, in the Choppin Lobby.  Here are some fun photos from a great afternoon.

Acids and Bases Demo

Acids and Bases – the fun way of making the buffer solution that keeps you alive – Chris Sumner, Nicole Kaufman and Peter Piers (CGSC)

Stryofoam and Starch Demo

Stryofoam & Starch – you can only eat one – Assistant Professor Daniel Kuroda and his assistant, Dylan Kuroda

Silly Putty ChemDemo

Silly Putty – not really, but fun anyway - Ryan Johnston (NOBCChE)

Liquid Nitrogen with Carson Szot

Liquid Nitrogen – chill out! - Carson Szot, Hayden, James Morvant  and Patrick Dicken (SAACS)

Light Reactions Demo with flames

Light Reactions – quantum fireballs – Assistant Professors Matt Chambers and Noémie Elgrishi

Kinetics Demo with Semin Lee

Kinetics, Catalysis & Equilibrium – the LSU reaction – Assistant Professor Semin Lee


Energy – when 50,000 volts won’t kill you – Professor Andy Maverick & Helpers


Stoichiometry – exploding balloons – Professor George Stanley

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