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cell wall of fungi

In a new study published in Nature Communications, Associate Professor Tuo Wang and his research team from the Department of Chemistry at Louisiana State University revealed the molecular architecture of fungal cell walls and the structural responses to stresses, aiding the development of antifungal drugs targeting cell wall components > News Feature 


Image Title News Highlight
award symbol NOBCChE Conference Awardees

At the 2021 NOBCChE Conference, three graduate students from LSU Chemistry received poster or oral presentation awards: Fatimat O. Badmus, Aderonke Simi Folorunso, and Callie M. Stern. 

Dr. Elgrishi NSF AWARD

A team of researchers from LSU and the University of Delaware received a $4M grant from the NSF EPSCOR program to develop chemical manufacturing processes using carbon dioxide feedstocks and renewable energy. Assistant Professor Noémie Elgrishi, a project Co-PI, and her research team will be working on the electrode interface, particularly interactions with catalysts and binders to improve selectivity and durability of CO₂ electrolyzers > Engineering feature


An LSU and Penn State research team, including LSU Chemistry Associate Professor Revati Kumar, received a $1.5M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a smarter approach to ionic separations, which are important for water treatment, resource recovery, and energy production > ORED Feature

Kim Mollere Staff Stripes award

LSU Chemistry Graduate Coordinator Kim Mollere received a 2021 LSU Staff Stripes Award. The award recognizes staff who have earned their stripes through their hard work and dedication to LSU.  

students Chem 1212 lab Communication-Intensive Courses

LSU Chemistry is integrating communication-building activities into course content to improve student understanding of material and communication skills >  Learn more

Dr. Matt Chambers Hydroformylation Catalysts

Assistant Professor Matthew Chambers

Professor Graca Vicente Vicente Receives NSF Funding

LSU Chemistry Professor Graça Vicente received NSF funding to study the synthesis, properties, and dynamics of BODIPY-based fluorophores. 

LSU Chemistry Undergraduate Office Staff Undergraduate Studies Office

Starting summer 2021, the LSU Chemistry undergraduate office appointed a highly talented and dynamic team of faculty and staff. Associate Professor Rendy Kartika will serve as the Director of Undergraduate Studies; Senior Instructor Kandace Hurst will serve as the Director of Undergraduate Laboratories; Mrs. Rachel D’Arensbourg will continue as undergraduate coordinator > Meet the Team

CISIA logo Center for Innovations in Structural Integrity Assurance

LSU and Louisiana Tech University were recently awarded an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center grant to establish the Center for Innovations in Structural Integrity Assurance (CISIA). Professor Les Butler, a co-principal investigator, will provide advanced X-ray and neutron imaging for nondestructive evaluation of components. 


The new Bruker AVANCE Neo 700 MHz spectrometer is ready for service. The NMR sprectrometer was funded by a $2M Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It will serve 23 participating research groups from 12 regional institutions. 

Dr. Fatima Rivas 2020-2021 Ralph E. Powe Award

Assistant Professor Fatima Rivas

Dr. Kristie Adams Featured Alumna

Dr. Kristie Adams

Dr. John Pojman Endowed Professorship

LSU Chemistry Professor and Department Chair John A. Pojman has been named the Dr. William L. and Patricia H. Senn Jr. Endowed Professor.

Julia Nauman Chemistry graduate accepted into MIT graduate program

Julia Nauman

Dr. Mildred Smalley In Memoriam

Dr. Mildred Smalley (LSU PhD 1972)

Dr. Ragians Ragains Receives NSF Grant

Associate Professor Justin Ragains received a three-year NSF grant to study novel glycosylation reactions.

Dr. Alecia Gabriel LSU College of Science Blog

Learn how LSU Chemistry alumna Dr. Alecia Gabriel is inspiring the next generation of scientists. 

Dr. James Wharton In Memoriam

Chancellor Emeritus James Wharton 

VR Chemistry with Nanome Lee Receives STF Award for a VR Facility

The facility will utilize virtual reality technology to reinforce spatial learning in chemistry undergraduate and graduate courses.

CMB building 2020-2021 Graduate Research & Teaching Awards


Dr. Linda Allen 35 Years of Teaching Excellence

Dr. Linda Allen

LSU Chemistry Awards NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations to LSU Chemistry graduate students: Rasidah Olubukola Ali, Tiffany Duong, and Marvin Stewart. The NSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students from STEM disciplines pursuing research-based graduate degrees > Awardee highlights


2021 Anatole Abragam Prize

Dr. Tuo Wang

Assistant Professor Tuo Wang for receiving the 2021 Anatole Abragam Prize by the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR).

The award recognizes early-career scientists that show evidence of novel and significant contributions to magnetic resonance. Dr. Tuo Wang and Dr. Alex Forse (University of Cambridge) are the two recipients of the 2021 award. 

Excellence in Education

Dr. Warner

LSU Boyd Professor Isiah Warner is the recipient of the 2021 ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry J. Calvin Giddings Award for Excellence in Education.

He was also recognized as one of the 2021 Trailblazers in the latest issue of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN).

2020-2022 Coates Research Scholar Award

Bailee Barrett

Graduate student Bailee Barrett received the 2020-2022 Coates Research Scholar Award for her research project titled: “Investigation of charge patterning effects on the self-assembly of sequence-defined amphiphilic ionic block copolypeptoids in dilute aqueous solution.”

Bailee is a third-year graduate student in the Zhang Research Group. The Coates Research Scholar Award supports promising doctoral research by superior graduate students in chemistry.

LSU Chemistry Alumnus Serving New Role as IPA Plant Chemist

Andres Villalpando

Andrés Villalpando

McCarley Awarded Patent 

Dr. Robin McCarley

Professor Robin McCarley is a co-inventor on a recently issued U.S. Patent for a biomolecular processing platform and methods suitable for nucleic acid sequencing and protein/polypeptide identification. Patent summary >

New Patent to Improve Detection of Breast Cancer

Dr. Les Butler

Professor Les Butler is a co-inventor on a recently awarded U.S. Patent for Phase-Contrast X-Ray Interferometry. Patent summary >

Tom W. Dutton Award

Ovini Weeratunge Kankanamge

Ovini Weeratunge Kankanamge

In Memoriam

Charles Barre

The LSU community mourns the passing of esteemed alumnus and chemist Charles Barré. Tribute >

Chemistry Professor Receives Creative Message

Students with thank you message on zoon

Dr. Rendy Kartika

Discovery of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals

Dr. Lavrent Khachatryan

Dr. Lavrent Khachatryan

Improving Water Quality

Elgrishi reserach group

The Elgrishi research group is helping to improve water quality through the detection and reduction of chromium. Learn more > Clean water article

Chemistry Depicted in Art

Choppin Hall painting

Displayed in the lobby of Choppin Hall, hangs an abstract architectural painting titled “Local Matter.” In addition to adding color to the lobby, the painting has hidden meaning and importance for the department. Learn more > Art feature

Wang Receives ACS Grant To Study Petroleum-Related Materials

Dr. Tuo Wang

Dr. Tuo Wang

Virginia Rice Williams

Virginia Rice Williams

Virginia Rice Williams Hall represents a legacy of scientific contributions by a woman in chemistry. Learn more about the life and legacy of Dr. Virginia Rice Williams.

LSU Tiger Profile

Dr. Spivak, Anthony Mai, and Dr. Pojman in laboratory

The lack of hand sanitizer was a problem for the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, who reached out to LSU Chemistry for help preparing about 5,000 gallons of hand rub sanitizer.

Tiger Profile

LSU Graduate Combines Physics and Chemistry to Advance Knowledge of Polymers

Karen Bichler

Dr. Karin Bichler

Vicente Serves in New Role for LSU Research Advancement

Prof. Graca Vicente

Prof. Graça Vicente

Murray Receives NSF Funding to Develop a Mass Microscope

Dr. Kermit Murray

Prof. Kermit Murray

Chemistry Alumnus Helps Keep the Community Safe

Dr. Howard Pentes

Dr. Howard Pentes

Chemistry Graduate Student Receives Alumni Association Scholarship

Thilini Ukwaththage

Thilini Ukwaththage

Lee Receives NSF Funding

Dr. Lee's Virtual Reality of Alkyne Metathesis

Development of Novel Catalysts for Alkyne Metathesis and Virtual Reality Teaching Methods


LSU Chemistry Alumnus Named 2020 ACS Fellow

Dr. Sid White

Dr. Sid White

Pojman Receives Funding to Investigate Cure-on-demand, Non-skid Coatings for Naval Ship Decks

Dr. John Pojman

Professor John Pojman

New Organic Faculty Members

Chemistry and Materials Building

New Faculty Focus

Recruit and Retain a Diverse Workforce

Brea Manuel

In a recently published commentary in Nature Reviews Chemistry, LSU Chemistry Alumna, Brea Manuel, provides insight on how to recruit diverse groups of people, provide them with the resources to flourish, and support them in dreaming big.

LSU Secures $2M NMR Spectrometer with NSF Support

Chemistry and Materials Building

NMR Spectrometer Article

Environmental Science: Emerging Investigator Blog Series

Dr. Elgrishi

Dr. Noémie Elgrishi

Wang Named 2020 DOE CAREER Awardee

Dr. Wang

Dr. Tuo Wang

Chemistry Alumnus named Director of MSU's Advanced Composites Institute 

Dr. Christopher Bounds

Dr. Christopher Bounds

Chemistry Graduate Student Awards

Image of Chemistry and Materials Building

2019-2020 Award Recipients

LSU Chemistry Faculty Collaborate on $20M NSF Funded Project

3D printing

3D Printing News Article

Prof. Vicente Receives NIH Funding for MARC Program

Brandon Byrd in a lab

News Article

MARC Program

2020 College of Science Teaching Awards

Williams Hall

Award Recipients

College of Science Dissertation Award

Dr. Drew Hood

Dr. Drew Hood

2020 Chemistry Outstanding Staff Award

Amy Commander

Mrs. Amy Commander

Celebrating the Legacy of LSU Chemistry's First African American PhD

Dr. Richard Evans

Dr. Richard Arthur Evans

LSU Chemistry helping Fill the Need of Critical Supplies

Jason LaGeune, Anthony Mai, and Dr. David Spivak in lab making hand sanitzer

News Highlight

LSU Dissertation Fellowship Awarded to Chemistry Graduate Student

Graduate student Susith KanKanamge

Susith Galle Kankanamge

Chemistry Instructor Receives Teaching Awards

Dr. Elzbieta Cook

Dr. Elzbieta Cook

Chemistry Graduate Student will Serve as ACS GSSPC Coordinator 

Graduate Student Nichole Kaufman

Nichole Kaufman

Chemistry Senior Accepted into Graduate Program at Columbia University

Emily Cambre image

Emily Cambre

Tuo Wang Receives DOE Funding for EFRC

Dr. Tuo Wang portrait

DOE Award

LSU College of Science Announces 2020 Hall of Distinction Honorees 

Dr. Wong-Ng portrait

Dr. Winnie Wong-Ng

Chemistry Senior Accepted into St. Jude Research Program

Salem Lutfallah

Salim Lutfallah

Weiwei Xie Receives NSF CAREER & LSU Rainmaker Awards

Dr. Weiwei Xie

NSF Career Award

LSU Rainmaker Award

Wang Receives NIH Grant to Study Drug Effects on the Effects on the Carbohydrate Armor of Fungal Pathogens

Dr. Wang with graduate student

NIH Grant

Major Discovery in Hydroformylation by Professor Emeritus Stanley

Dr. George Stanley

Research Summary

Vickie Thornton Receives Staff Award

Vickie Thornton with chemistry staff

Staff Award

LSU Chemistry Welcomes New Chair

Professor Pojman

Professor John Pojman

Xin Gui Receives Ludo Frevel Scholarship Award

Xin Gui in laboratory

Ludo Frevel Scholarship Award

Wang Receives NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Wang and graduate student



students using benchtop NMR

Award Summary

Madalynn Marshall Receives DOE SCGSR AWARD

Madalynn Marshall in laboratory

Award Summary

MARY L. GOOD, 1931-2019

Dr. Mary Good portrait


Professor McCarley Receives Patent for Microfluidic Device

Microfluidic device illustration

Patent Summary

Frank Froncek

Frank Fronczek in front of Xray machine

Named CSD Hero

Professor William A.Pryor

Picture of William Pryor as a Professor

Professor William A. Pryor (1929-2019)

Justin Ragains

Ragains research group

Receives NIH Grant

Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy

Wilson-Kennedy portrait

Receives NSF SOAR Grant 

Tuo Wang

Dr. Tuo Wang portrait

Receives receives 2019-2020 Ralph E. Powe Award

Rendy Kartika

Kartika Research Group

Receives NIH Grant

Revati Kumar

Revati Kumar

2019 NSF Career Award

2019 ACS COMP Open Eye Award

George Stanley- 2018 Rainmaker Award

George Stanley and his wife with his award.

Rainmaker Award for Research and Creative Activity


GSSPC group in front of tiger stadium

"Artificial Molecular Machines and the Next Generation of Molecular Control" ACS Meeting: April 2nd in Orlando, FL

March 23rd TEDxLSU Speaker

Rolanda Wilkerson in lab

Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, the Science of Beauty

Kevin Smith to Receive 2018 Florida Award of the ACS

kevin smith

Professor Kevin Smith, LSU Foundation Distinguished Professor, has been named the recipient of the 2018 Florida Award of the American Chemical Society. This award was established in 1952 to recognize leadership and contributions toward the advancement of the profession of chemistry. Nominees must be residents of the Southeastern United States and must have made outstanding contributions to teaching, research, publications or service in advancing the profession.

2018 Florida Award of the ACS

ACS- LSU Chemistry Social

LSU Chemistry Social March 20, 2018

LSU Chemistry Social

NSF CAREER Award to Assistant Professor Daniel Kuroda

Daniel Kuroda

Assistant Professor Daniel G. Kuroda has received a 2018 NSF CAREER Award for his research project, “Molecular Characterization of Motions, Interactions and Structure of the Lithium Salts in Organic Solvents via Non-Linear Infrared Spectroscopy.” These prestigious early-career awards are given to “faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.”

NSF CAREER Award to Assistant Professor Daniel Kuroda

LSU GSSPC to Host Symposium at Spring 2019 ACS Meeting

gsspc team

Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC): A team of 7 LSU Chemistry graduate students - Ashley Fulton, Peter Kei, Nichole Kaufman, Judith De Mel, Chris Sumner, Tia Vargas and Josh Lutz - put together a proposal for a symposium entitled “Artificial Molecular Machines and the Next Generation of Molecular Control.” They were selected in a nationwide competition by the current GSSPC from the University of Florida.

LSU GSSPC Symposium at Spring 2019 ACS Meeting

Dr. H. Dupont Durst

dupont durst

H. Dupont Durst received his BS from LSU in 1965, engaging in undergraduate research, with Professor Bill Patrick, on the inorganic chemistry of soils. Durst describes “Dr. Pat” as an “incredible man and a tremendous mentor.” Durst went on to earn an MS in Biochemistry at LSU, completing a thesis under the direction of Gerald Risinger, “On the Mechanism of the Thiamine Catalyzed Reductive Dimerization of Farnesyl Pyrophosphate to Squalene.”

Dr. H. Dupont Durst

Professor George G. Stanley received the 2018 LSU Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award

chemdemo 2017

We are also pleased to announce that Cyril & Tuttle Vetter Alumni Professor George G. Stanley has been named the recipient of the 2018 LSU Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award that recognizes "exceptional and sustained commitment to integrating quality service-learning activities in at least one academic course.” More details after the Awards Ceremony on May 2nd.

Chemistry faculty receive teaching awards

CoS awards

College of Science Teaching Awards 2018

2018 Photo Competition

toyshot 2018 photo competitionCGSC Announces Winners

2018 Photo Competition

Rolanda Wilkerson Featured in Pursuit Blog

Rolanda WilkersonRolanda Johnson Wilkerson received her BS in Chemistry from Southern University and her PhD in Chemistry from LSU.

Distinguished Faculty Awards

group photo

Faculty Awards

Weiwei Xie

Weiwei Xie

2018 Beckman Young Investigator Award

New Patents!

Robert Hammer and Robin McCarley

Read More about our Two New Patents!

Wang Group Uncovers Secrets

Tuo Wang

Wang Group Uncovers Secrets of the Fungal Cell Wall

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Math, and Engineering Mentoring

Zakiya and Graca

White House Announces Two from LSU as Exceptional Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentors

Dr. John Pojman Featured in "Strange Evidence"

Dr. John Pojman in lab

Featured in Episode 1 and 3 of "Strange Evidence" Season 2

Superbug busters

Man in lab

Youtube video about combat superbugs

Jim Robinson (1923-2018)

James William Robinson at a lake

James William Robinson was born in Kidderminster, England. He attended high school at the King Charles I Grammar School, endowed by Thomas Blount in 1566 “for the instruction of youth in good letters and manners.” Jim was proud to be the first alumnus of King Charles I to receive a PhD. He was an honorary life member of the Old Carolians Association for former pupils of King Charles I. He served in the British Royal Airforce as a pilot during World War II. He earned his degrees in Chemistry from the University of Birmingham, England: Bachelor of Science with Honours (1949), Doctor of Philosophy (1952) and Doctor of Science (1978). He began his career with the British Civil Service as a Senior Scientific Officer.

Rainmaker Awards

Rainmaker Awards: Emerging Scholor Winner Rendy Kartika. Mid-Career Scholor Donghui Zhang. Senior Scholar Kermit Murray

Each Spring, LSU’s Office of Research & Economic Development, in collaboration with the Campus Federal Credit Union and the Council on Research selects “rainmakers” at three different career stages. There are parallel awards...

Rainmakers Awards

A Celebration of the Contributions of the Coates Family

Coates Family

After much planning and anticipation, members of the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Physics & Astronomy, the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering and the LSU Graduate School gathered with descendants of Dean Charles E. Coates (1886-1939) for a special celebration on Thursday, March 16th, 2017.

Contributions of Coates Family

LSU College of Science Salutes 2017 Hall of Distinction Honorees

2017 Hall of Distinction Honorees

The LSU College of Science will induct four new members into its Hall of Distinction. This year’s class includes LSU Professor Emeritus in Geology & Geophysics Jeffrey Hanor, LSU Professor Emeritus in Chemistry Neil Kestner, LSU alumnus and NASA research scientist Donald Kniffen, and Director Emerita of LSU’s Center for Academic Success and retired chemistry professor Saundra McGuire. This year’s class includes LSU Professor Emeritus in Geology & Geophysics Jeffrey Hanor, LSU Professor Emeritus in Chemistry Neil Kestner, LSU alumnus and NASA research scientist Donald Kniffen, and Director Emerita of LSU’s Center for Academic Success and retired chemistry professor Saundra McGuire.

Hall of Distinction

LSU 2017 Spring Commencement

Graduates with their decorated caps

Graduates and their decorated caps: Elora Doskey, Sarah Hahn and Rebecca Moore


LSU chemistry department develops fingerprint sampling technology

Murray Group in labMurray Group develops fingerprint sampling technology

Fingerprint Sampling Technology

Dr. Claude J. Davis

Claude Davis

Principal Scientist and Brand Ambassador at Zatarain’s in New Orleans, LA

 Dr. Claud Davis

Emanuel Waddell

Emanuel Waddell

2017 National President of NOBCChE

2017 ATCC Photo Contest

2017 ATCC Image of human HEp2 cells

Zehua Zhou’s winner image of the 2017 ATCC Photo Contest, which shows human HEp2 cells co-stained with endoplasmic reticulum (ER) tracker and a BODIPY synthesized in my laboratory by former PhD student Ning Zhao (graduated with PhD in December 2016, co-advised by Vicente and Smith).

2017 ATCC Photo Contest

Emeritus Faculty Lunch

Emeritus Faculty

On Thursday, August 3rd, College of Science Dean, Cynthia Peterson, hosted a “lunch and learn" for emeritus and retired faculty. The event was held at the new LSU Foundation Center for Philanthropy on Nicholson Drive. The meeting was well-attended, with Chemistry proudly outnumbering the other departments. Over lunch, Dean Peterson introduced herself and shared the video of her TEDxLSU talk from earlier in the year titled “Science and All That Jazz”.

Emeritus Faculty Lunch

Chemistry Senior Carson Szot featured by COS Pursuit blog

Carson Szot

Carson Szot featured by COS Pursuit blog

Super Science Saturday

SSS demo

Super Science Saturday (SSS) is a free Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education event for students in kindergarten to 12th grade, parents, and anyone interested in seeing science in action. SSS is sponsored by LSU Chemistry, the Baton Rouge local section of the American Chemical Society (ACS), and LSU Athletics.

Super Science Saturday

Mario Rivera joins LSU

Mario Rivera and William Pryor

Following a nationwide search over the past couple of years, we are delighted to announce that Professor Mario Rivera will be joining LSU Chemistry in Spring 2018. He will be the inaugural William A. Pryor Chair in Chemistry. The chair honors the legacy of Professor Pryor’s research in the field of oxidative biology and free radicals. The primary criterion for the chair is that research interests lie at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine, with clear relevance to human health.

Mario Rivera joins LSU

Kenneth Lopata - 2017 DOE early career awardee

Kenneth Lopata 2017 DOE awardee

Assistant Professor Ken Lopata has received an Early Career Award from the US Department of Energy (DOE). This program, now in its eighth year, supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists, at universities and national laboratories, early in their careers and stimulates research careers in the disciplines supported by the DOE Office of Science. The grant is for $750,000 for a period of 5 years, starting September 2017, from the Basic Energy Sciences Division..

Kenneth Lopata

Celebrating 20 Years of ChemDemo

ChemDemo Fire Demo with Elgrishi

In Fall of 1997, Professors George Stanley and Pat Limbach began sending LSU students out into the community to teach a thematic set of scientific concepts to a class in a local school. The lessons featured exciting, hands-on demonstrations … and so was born ChemDemo.

Celebrating 20 Years of ChemDemo

2017 Benjamin P. Boussert Lecture

Emory Chan and his father 2017

On Friday, October 6th, Dr. Emory Chan delivered an elegant lecture titled, “High-Throughput Design of Doped Colloidal Nanocrystals.” He explained the energy transfer pathways of lanthanide-doped upconverting nanoparticles and we learned about the combinatorial synthesis of these carefully designed nanoparticles, using robots called WANDA and HERMAN.

2017 Benjamin P. Boussert Lecture

Nesterov Group: DOE Says Mission No Longer Impossible

Nesterov Group in lab

DOE Article

A Practical Beginner's Guide to Cyclic Voltammetry

Noemie Elgrishi

 Assistant Professor Noémie Elgrishi’s, “A Practical Beginner’s Guide to Cyclic Voltammetry” with postdoctoral mentor Jillian Dempsey and other co-authors Kelley Rountree, Brian McCarthy and Eric Rountree has just been named an Editors’ Choice article in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Cyclic Voltammetry

Barry Dellinger -Obituary

barry dellinger

LSU Chemistry mourns the passing of Harold Barry Dellinger, Professor Emeritus. 

Boussert Lecture

Boussert Family

On Friday, September 23rd, the Department of Chemistry hosted the 2016 Benjamin Pierre Boussert Lecture. The lecture was delivered by Professor Delia Milliron of the University of Texas at Austin. Delia and Benjamin were graduate students together in the Alivisatos Laboratory at UC Berkeley.

December 2016 Graduates

2016 December Graduates

On December 16th, 7 BS, 2 MS Graduates and 10 PhD graduates of our Department were honored at a morning ceremony in the Maddox Fieldhouse. The commencement speaker was Boyd Professor Isiah M. Warner. Professor John Pojman represented the LSU Graduate Council, awarding all graduate level degrees.

Silver and Gold: Using Lasers and Nanoparticles to Improve Drug Delivery

Louis Haber in the lab

Visiting Louis Haber’s lab in the Department of Chemistry at LSU is like visiting a neighborhood lit up for the holidays. In the lab, a long table is adorned with hundreds of small metal stands holding mirrors of various shapes. Laser beams bend their way around the table like reflections...

Silver and Gold: Using Lasers and Nanoparticles to Improve Drug Delivery


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