Thursday, January 13, 2022; 8:30 a.m.

Spring Semester Reminders

Dear Students,

As you prepare for the start of the spring semester, please remember to check Moodle and your LSU email account to make sure you know the format of all your classes. Each faculty member will choose whether to hold their classes in person, online or in a hybrid format for the first two weeks of the semester, so please check each of your courses, as they may all be held differently. At the two-week mark we will evaluate our community positivity rate and determine whether we will revert to course delivery modality as listed in the course catalog or continue with the temporary flexibilities. Please send any questions to your individual faculty members.

As a reminder, masks will be required on campus while indoors, as well as outdoors when you’re within 50 feet of building entrances/exits where people tend to congregate. Masks will also be required at campus events and on campus buses. Cloth masks are acceptable but K-N95 and N95 masks offer the best protection. Masks should completely cover the nose and mouth.

If you live on campus, please remember to submit your COVID-19 entry test (or your positive test result if you’ve recently had COVID) by Jan. 17 or no more than 5 days prior to your return to campus. On-campus residents should have received specifics on entry testing in an earlier email.

Vaccinations and booster shots are the best ways to protect yourself and the LSU community, so please make sure to get your shots if you are eligible. And thanks to all those who have already done so. Students and employees who are not vaccinated will be required to test monthly throughout the spring semester to help prevent the spread of the virus on campus.

We will work closely with our Health & Medical Advisory Committee to continuously evaluate all our policies and protocols. We will make changes as needed throughout the spring to respond to the pandemic.


Matt Lee
LSU Interim Executive Vice President & Provost
Professor of Sociology