COVID-19 Sentinel Testing Program

Updated: Wednesday, January 27, 2021; 11:05 a.m.

Dear LSU Students,

This semester, LSU will begin random sentinel testing for COVID-19 in addition to the testing already in place on campus. It’s important that you watch for an invitation to this required testing program in your LSU email accounts. Sentinel testing is free for students and does not require health insurance. Students who take advantage of any type of on-campus testing, including random sentinel testing, will be entered into a weekly raffle to win incentives (i.e. Apple AirPods, iPads, Smart Watches, Barnes & Noble gift cards, and more). Winners will be notified by email with instructions on how to claim what they have won.

A random sample of students will be selected for testing every two weeks. All students who live or work on campus or have at least one on-campus or hybrid class will be eligible for selection. The test may be administered as either a saliva sample or a lower nasal swab.

The goal of this program is to identify and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on LSU’s campus.

If you are selected for sentinel testing, you will receive an invitation email with a link to register for testing at 263 Coates Hall the first week (this location is subject to change in following weeks) with instructions about how to prepare for and what to expect on the day of testing. For more information and updates about COVID-19 testing on campus, visit

Again, please be on the lookout for this very important email. We know that these COVID-19 procedures are not always convenient, but we thank you for helping us to keep LSU’s campus as safe as possible for everyone. Throughout this pandemic, your safety has been and will continue to be our guidepost.