Donald P. Reed

Professor, Emeritus

Wildlife Extension Specialist
Over 30 years of service with the LSU Agcenter

Idlewild Research Station
4414 Idlewild Road
Clinton, LA 70722

phone: (225) 683-5848

Educational Background

  • Graduated from Notre Dame High School in Acadia Parish in 1974.
  • Received a BS in Forestry with wildlife minor from Louisiana State University in 1978.
  • Entered Wildlife Graduate School at Louisiana State University in January 1979 and began working on a Masters Degree project in cooperation with the United States Forest Service.
  • The thesis entitled “Understory Vegetative Yield in the Loblolly Pine-Shortleaf Pine-Upland Hardwood Forest Type, Louisiana” was completed in 1981 and a Masters degree in Wildlife Management was awarded in December 1981.
  • In January of 1992 work began on a Forestry Ph.D. project while enrolled in Graduate School at Louisiana State University. The dissertation entitled “The Effects of Timber Management Activities on Understory Plant Succession in Young Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) Plantations” was completed in 1996. A Ph.D. in Forestry was awarded in December of 1996.

Responsibilities include

  • Assisting landowners with wildlife management practices and developing wildlife management plans to benefit targeted species.
  • Implementing educational programs to benefit landowners in the area of wildlife and forestry management.
  • Working with 4-H youth in wildlife related educational programs.
  • Assist in teaching wildlife plant identification courses to county agents and wildlife students enrolled in the School of Renewable Natural Resources at Louisiana State University.