Name Title Area of Expertise
Dr. Quang Cao Dr. Quang Cao Professor

Forest Biometrics, Mensuration
Dr. Sun Joseph Chang Dr. Sun J. Chang Professor

Forest Management, Forest Economics, Wood Products Utilization And Marketing
Dr. Bret Collier Dr. Bret Collier Professor Wildlife Population Dynamics, Regulatory and Conservation Policy, Harvest Management, Capture-Mark-Recapture Modeling.
Dr. Thomas Dean Dr. Thomas Dean Professor

Quantitative Silviculture, Production Ecology, Stand Dynamics
Dr. Cornelis deHoop Dr. Cornelis de Hoop Associate Professor

Environmental Safety, Timber Harvesting, Business In Forest Products
Dr. Kristen E. DeMarco Dr. Kristin E. DeMarco Instructor Wetland and Estuarine Ecology, Conservation Science, Coastal Restoration and Management, Spatial Ecology
Dr. Hallie Dozier Dr. Hallie Dozier Associate Professor

Forest and Natural Resource Ecology, Ecology and Management Of Biological Invasions, Invasive Plants, Urban & Community Forestry
Dr. Drew Fowler Dr. Drew Fowler Adjunct Assitant Professor

Assistant Unit Leader
USGS Louisiana Coop Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Waterfowl ecology, wetland habitat management, wildlife management, landscape ecology
Dr. Maria Gutierrez-Wing Dr. Maria Gutierrez-Wing Assistant Professor of Research
Assistant Director, Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center
Dr. Mike Kaller Dr. Michael Kaller Professor
George William Barineau Professor

Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies

Fisheries, Aquatic Insects and Invertebrates, and Aquatic Ecology
Dr. Richard Keim Dr. Richard Keim Professor

Hydrology of Forested Wetlands and Watersheds, Management of Bottomland and Coastal Forests
Dr. William Kelso Dr. William Kelso Professor
F.O. Bateman Professor of Renewable Natural Resources

Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Natural Fisheries, Fisheries Management, Fish-Habitat Interactions, Fish Biology and Ecology
Dr. Sammy King Dr. Sammy King Professor, Adjunct

Leader, USGS Louisiana Coop Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Wetland Ecology, Forested Wetlands, Wetland Habitat Management, Wetland Wildlife
Dr. Luke Laborde Dr. Luke Laborde Instructor Waterfowl, Public Policy, and Human Dimensions of Wildlife
Dr. Megan LaPayre Dr. Megan LaPeyre Professor, Adjunct

Wetland Fisheries Ecology, Plant Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Coastal Marsh Management
Dr. Yue Liu Dr. Yue Liu

Assistant Professor of Research

Development of germplasm repositories for aquatic species, Interdisciplinary technologies (e.g., bioengineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, industrial engineering), Open scientific hardware, Cryopreservation and cryobiology technologies, Genetic resource management for biomedical species, aquaculture species, conservation of imperiled species, and fisheries management
Dr. Zhijun Liu Dr. Zhijun Liu Professor

Medicinal Plant Physiology, Natural Solubilizers and Bioactives
Dr. Julie Anderson Lively Dr. Julie Anderson Lively Associate Professor
Executive Director, Louisiana Sea Grant College Program

Chemical Cue Ecology, Crab Biology, and Fisheries
Dr. Ashley M. Long Dr. Ashley M. Long Assistant Professor

Wildlife Habitat Management, Wildlife Conservation, Population Dynamics of Non-Game Species, Natural Resource Communication
Dr. Charles Lutz Dr. Charles Lutz Professor

Quantitative Genetics, Alternative Species Commercialization, Practical Genetic Evaluation Through Field Trials
Dr. Andy Nyman Dr. Andy Nyman Professor
F. O. Bateman Distinguished Professorship

Wetland Wildlife Management, Wetland Ecology, Coastal Marsh Management
Dr. Christopher S. Reid Dr. Christopher S. Reid Instructor

Plant Systematics/Taxonomy, Grassland Ecology and Restoration
Dr. Robert Reigh Dr. Robert Reigh Professor Aquatic Animal Nutrition; Improve Feeds and Feeding Practices For Warmwater Species
Dr. Kevin Ringelman Dr. Kevin Ringelman Associate Professor

Waterfowl Ecology and Management, Behavioral Ecology, Conservation
Dr. Allen Rutherford Dr. Allen Rutherford Professor
Executive Associate Dean – LSU College of Agriculture

Director and Bryant A. Bateman Distinguished Professor of Renewable Natural Resources

Interim Department Head, Experimental Statistics

Director, School of Renewable Natural Resources

Natural Fisheries, Stream Habitats and Lotic Fish Assemblages, Freshwater Aquatic Ecology, Ecology Of Larval and Juvenile Fishes
Dr. Phillip Stouffer Dr. Philip Stouffer Professor
Lee F. Mason Professor

Avian Ecology, Conservation Biology, Tropical Ecology, Community Ecology
Dr. Sabrina Taylor Dr. Sabrina Taylor Professor
Weaver Brothers Distinguished Professor

Population-Level Genetic Structure in Threatened Species, Conservation Genetics, Behavioral Ecology
Dr. Terry Teirsch Dr. Terry Tiersch Professor

Genetic Improvement of Aquatic Organisms, Molecular Genetics, Hybridization, Polyploidy, Cryopreservation
Dr. Richard Vlosky Dr. Richard Vlosky Professor
Crosby Land and Resources Professor in Forest Sector Business Development

Louisiana Forest Products Development Center
Domestic and International Wood Products Marketing, Technology Applications to Improve Wood Products Business Competitiveness
Dr. Brett Wolfe Dr. Brett Wolfe Assistant Professor

Forest Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant-Water Relations, Tropical Forests
Dr. Qinglin Wu Dr. Qinglin Wu Professor
Cain Chair and Roy O. Martin Sr. Professor Composites/Engineered Wood Products

Composite Engineering Lab
Engineered Wood/Plastic Composites, Nanomaterial Synthesis and Applications, Wood/Composite
Maurice Wolcott Maurice Wolcott Instructor
Coastal GIS Specialist

Coastal GIS Specialist
Dr. Yi-Jun Xu Dr. Yi-Jun Xu Professor

Hydrologic and Biogeochemical Processes, Modeling, Soils

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title & Contact Area of Expertise
Dr. Allen Afton Dr. Alan Afton Professor, Adjunct

Assistant Leader-Wildlife
USGS Louisiana Coop Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

office: 225-578-4179

Avian Behavioral Ecology and Bioenergetics, Ecological Aspects of Avian Migration, Waterfowl Ecology and Management
Dr. Reagan Errera Dr. Reagan Errera Assistant Professor, Adjunct

Research Ecologist
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Phytoplankton Ecology (Marine and Freshwater), Harmful Algal Blooms, and Global Climate Change
  Dr. Frank Rohwer
Assistant Professor, Adjunct

Delta Waterfowl
President and Chief Scientist
Delta Waterfowl

Emeritus & Retired

Name Title & Contact  
Dr. Jim Chambers Dr. Jim Chambers Professor, Emeritus
Weaver Brothers Professor of Forestry

Room 206A RNR Bldg

Dr. Paul Coreil Dr. Paul Coreil Chancellor

LSU at Alexandria

Dr. Bob Blackmon Dr. Bob Blackmon Professor and Director, Retired
School of Renewable Natural Resources

website: www.blackmonstudio.com
Dr. Don Reed Dr. Don Reed Professor, Emeritus
Wildlife Extension Specialist

Dr. Robert Romaire Dr. Robert Romaire Professor, Emeritus
Aquaculture Research Station