Forest Products (PFDM)

MS Renewable Natural Resources

The School of Renewable Natural Resources is proud to offer an array of forestry and forest products related research areas for students to explore during their pursuit of an advanced degree. The faculty listed below look forward to working with dedicated, high quality students to address research problems and increase scientific information useful in managing, sustaining, and protecting our forest ecosystems and their productivity.

We invite you to e-mail or call faculty members with expertise in your areas of interest and ask questions that are important to you. Renewable natural resource research, as related to forest products, forest products marketing, wood products technology and the associated social and economic need is changing dramatically. Our state and nation need students interested in helping to resolve problems and expand our knowledge in all these area. Below is information and the general requirements for students seeking a Master of Science in Renewable Natural Resource with an area of concentration in Forestry Products.

The Forest Products AOC will require a minimum of 9 hours of coursework in addition to the general 9-hour requirement for all M.S. students in the School. The following courses, or demonstration to the student’s Graduate Committee of proficiency in one or more of these courses from previous coursework and experience, are required, and may be included in the 9 hours required for this AOC:

Course Credit
Course Title
RNR 7029 3 Forest Products Marketing
RNR 4038 3 Forest Economics
ENVS 7041 3 Environmental Policy Analysis
ENVS 7047 3 Environmental Economics and Policy
GEOG 4078 3 Environment and Development
ME 4723 3 Advanced Materials Analysis
ME 7953 3 Nano Materials
HUEC 7047 3 Modern Fiber Science and Technology


Depending on prior coursework and experience, additional courses will be required to satisfy the 24-hour course requirement for the M.S. degree. The 24-hour total may include no more than 6 hours of RNR 7029 (Advanced Topics in Renewable Natural Resources). Additional courses required for each student’s program of study will be determined by the graduate committee. These courses will typically be selected from the list below, but may include other courses with committee approval.

Course Credit
Course Title
EXST 7011 3 Non-Parametric Statistics
EXST 7035   Applied Least Squares
EXST 7036 3 Categorical Data Analysis
EXST 7037 3 Multivariate Statistics


Programs for the Master's degree must be completed within five years of entrance into the program.



Dr. William Kelso
F.O. Bateman Professor and
Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Research
118 Renewable Natural Resources Bldg
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

phone: 225-578-4176

Email Dr. William Kelso