Watershed Science (WSCP)

Ph.D Renewable Natural Resources

Doctoral students pursuing an RNR degree with the area of concentration in Watershed Science should develop a program of study listing the courses to be taken for the degree in consultation with the major advisor and the advisory committee. A minimum of 34 hours of formal graduate coursework plus 9 hours of dissertation research (RNR 9000) is required. Up to 24 hours of credits transferred from accredited institutions may be applied to the degree program. A Doctoral Program of Study Form is to be completed and submitted to the Graduate School during the first semester following students’ admission to the Ph.D. program. (*This is a pending course.)

Doctoral students must successfully complete a general examination in order to continue in the program. The exam is the test of currency of knowledge for the Doctoral Program of Study and is therefore a personalized examination to be given at a time appropriate for individual students.

The Watershed Science AOC will require a minimum of 15 hours of coursework in addition to the general 9-hour requirement for all Ph.D. students in the School. This AOC requires RNR 4900 - Watershed Hydrology (3 hrs), or demonstration to the student’s graduate committee of proficiency in watershed hydrology from previous coursework and experience, as part of the required 15 hours.

The remaining 12 hours will be determined by each student’s committee and will be dependent on the needs of the student and the committee-approved dissertation project. Depending on prior coursework and experience, additional courses will be required to satisfy the 34-hour course requirement for the M.S. degree. The 34-hour total may include no more than 6 hours of RNR 7029 (Advanced Topics in Renewable Natural Resources). Additional courses required for each student’s program of study will be determined by the graduate committee. These courses will typically be selected from the list below, but may include other courses with committee approval.

Course Credit
Course Title
RNR 4025 3 Limnology
RNR 4151   Hydrology of Natural Landscapes
RNR 7073 3 Current Issues in Hydrology and Water Resources
RNR 7151   Watershed Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis
RNR 7061   Water Quality Management and Policy
AGRO 4055 4 Chemical Properties of Soils
AGRO 4077 3 Environmental Soil Physics
AGRO 7057   Advanced Soil Physics
CE 7280 3 Modeling in Physical Hydrology
CHE 4263 3 Environmental Chemodynamics
ENVS 7050 3 Spatial Modeling of Environmental Data
EVEG 4135   Water Quality Analysis for Natural Systems
GEOG 4022 3 Geomorphology
GEOG 4045 3 Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOL 4182 3 Physical Hydrogeology
GEOL 7032   Fluvial Processes and Systems
GEOL 7081 3 Isotope Geochemistry
OCS 4128 3 Wetland Hydrology and Hydrodynamics
OCS 7132 3 Coastal Physical/Chemical Systems: Analytical Methods
OCS 7165 3 Biogeochemistry of Wetland Soils and Sediments


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