International Travel Registry


International travel will revert back to the standard approval processes effective January 1, 2022. 

Extreme caution should be used if considering any travel to Ukraine, Russia, and regional neighbors (Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) until further notice. Any such travel would need to be reviewed and approved by the International Travel Oversight Committee. The State Department has currently issued advisements against travel to a number of countries including Russia, North Caucasus, and Crimea. US citizens should be aware that US credit and debit cards no longer work in Russia and options to provide routine or emergency services to US citizens in Russia are severely limited.

High Risk Travel: The standard approval process requires an additional step for travel to a high-risk country and/or restricted regions (risk advisory levels 3 or 4).  In some instances, Covid-19 will be listed as the reason for the high-risk advisory level; in such instances, the additional approval process is still required. For more information, refer to FASOP AS-18 and the “High Risk Travel” section at the bottom of the main international travel page.    



In the Event of a International Medical or Security Emergency: Call International SOS Immediately at 215-942-8478, Membership Number: 11BCAS658364

The Office of Risk Management has integrated its International Travel Registry with the University's travel assistance provider, International SOS's, "MyTrips" Portal. This integration will ensure that University's travelers receive quick assistance when traveling abroad and allow two-way communications with affected travelers in the event of an emergency. All Faculty, Staff, and Students traveling international should enroll in "MyTrips" (only required once) and then register the details of each trip not booked through Christopherson Business Travel. Personal travel should not be submitted in "MyTrips".  


New to MyTrips? Get Started 

Registration on MyTrips involves two processes; creating a MyTrips Profile  and then, creating a New Trip (not required for flights, rental cars or hotels booked through LSU's travel agency, Christopherson Business Travel, which is linked to MyTrips). 

  • Click on the “New User? Register Here” link to create your MyTrips account.
  • Enter the required information on the Registration page.
  • Your user name will be your organization/school email address
  • Set up your security questions and answers.  If you forgot your password or need your password to be reset, you will be required to provide the answers.
  • Once you are finished click the submit button.  Upon clicking the submit button, the next page will display a message indicating that a verification email was sent to your email address.
  • In order to activate your account please click on the link provided in the email.  This link will only be active for 24 hours.  If you do not activate your account within 24 hours, you will need to register for MyTrips again.  If you need any assistance, please contact our Online Help team who will help you register for an account.
  • After you have clicked on that link,  you will be provided with a confirmation message that your MyTrips account has been activated.  At this point, you can click on the Login button and on the next page enter your login credentials to login.

Please note that travel booked through Christopherson Business Travel does not need to be entered as it is automatically uploaded into MyTrips. 

There are two options for this process:

Option A - Forwarding your Itinerary (simple): 

After creating or updating the MyTrips Profile and using the same email address that serves as MyTrip Username, forward the itinerary confirmation email (without editing it), that was received from the airline, hotel, or travel booking site, to

Note when using this option:

  • Make sure to set up your MyTrips username as the email address to which you normally receive the itinerary confirmation emails. If you already have a MyTrips account under a different email address, you can create a new MyTrips account by using a different email address as your user name.
  • Whenever an itinerary confirmation email is forwarded to the above mailbox, the traveler will receive an automated email regarding the processing status.
  • The traveler can always log in to their MyTrips account to access the trip details.
  • If they notice an issue with their trip in their MyTrips account, please submit queries or feedback to (clicking here will generate the message with a template of what should be included).
  • If the traveler makes a change to their booking, please repeat the step above and forward the latest version of the itinerary confirmation email to the to
  • The confirmation email should be in English language, and if it contains a PDF document, it should be included when forwarding the confirmation email.

Option B - Entering your Itinerary: 

After creating or updating the MyTrips Profile, go back to MyTrip. In order to create a new trip, click on the “Create New Trip” button on the horizontal navigation or at the bottom of the Profile page. Enter the trip name for your trip (i.e. LSU in France, or URIMA Conference). Based on your itinerary details, start adding the trip segments by clicking on the appropriate tab.

  • Enter the trip name or confirmation number
  • Click on the appropriate tab to start creating your trip segments.  Fill out the fields and click on “Save” button
  • After you save the first trip segment, the travel information will also be saved automatically.  If you make any changes to the travel information at a later time, make sure to click on “Save Trip Information” button.
  • After saving a trip segment, it will be available under the “Travel Itinerary” section.  Continue to add segments based on your itinerary details.
  • As you enter the information for the “Airlines” section, the system will provide the matching results in a list below the field. (You can enter the airline name or the airline code.) 
  • As you enter the information for the “Departure” and “Arrival” city fields, the system will provide the matching results in a list below the field.  Select the value from this list.  (You can enter the city name, airport name or airport code.)

  Note when using this option:

  • The yellow “collapse” button at the top right can be used to collapse each travel information section.
  • The red “X” and pencil icon at the bottom of each page can be used to edit or delete an existing segment through the buttons located next to each segment.
  • The "Trip Name/Reservation ID"; "Flight" or "Accommodation" are required fields to be able to save a trip.
  • If you don’t enter Flight information or Accommodation details, your trip will not be registered.
  • Flights: Type first letter and an Airline or Airport list will pop-up: pick the correct one.
  • Flights: Departure/Arrival Times: click on hours and then minutes and pick the correct one.
  • Accommodation: Start typing the address and a pop-up window will try searching for a geocode match, pick one.
  • Pay attention to red asterisks; they mark all required data that you may have missed.
  • When done, always remember to click "Save". Remember to update this information if your travel plans change during your trip.

Departmental Travel Coordinators may be granted access to MyTrips Manual Trip Entry Portal to create traveler profiles and enter new trips on behalf of travelers. However, access must be granted on a individual basis. To request access and receive the user guide please complete the request form

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact or call International SOS (US: +1 646-259-0477).

 If more assistance is needed please email Zelena Williams at