LSU Housing Coronavirus Information

Campus Housing and COVID-19

We are focused on creating safe and welcoming environments where you can live, learn, and be well as part of the campus COVID-19 roadmap.

These plans reflect current public health guidance, however our team is ready to pivot plans as needed during the COVID-19 pandemic to promote wellness on campus. 


Campus Entry Test Procedures 

Spring 2022 entry protocols are available on the campus roadmap.  

Any staff or student who tests positive for COVID-19 during this process should report their positive test in LSU’s Daily Symptom Checker and should isolate at home according to current CDC guidelines.


Isolation and Quarantine 

Effective immediately, LSU has adopted the CDC's protocols for COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine.


Isolation & Quarantine for Students Living on Campus

If you need to quarantine or isolate due to exposure or positive test, the first option is to return home. Residents who are within a three-hour drive from LSU are expected to leave campus to isolate or quarantine. Each case will be evaluated individually, and residential staff will discuss available options and guide students through the quarantine/isolation process. LSU Residential Life has limited quarantine and isolation space available using a mixture of on- and off-campus facilities. 

Students in isolation or quarantine spaces through LSU Residential Life are contacted by a COVID-19 advocacy coordinator and are expected to: 

    • Answer the advocacy coordinator’s call or return the call as soon as possible.
    • Check their LSU email address daily for updates and meal information
    • Update the daily symptom tracker
    • Comply with the isolation or quarantine protocols. Failure to comply with the isolation or quarantine protocols  or community standards places the university community at risk and will result in disciplinary action. 


Community Standards & Resident Expectations

    • All residents are expected to complete the LSU daily symptom checker, and report any close contact or positive test as well. 
    • COVID-19 testing will continue to be required for students in residential housing when wastewater assessment shows a high prevalence of the virus. 
    • We expect all residents to follow directional signage in communities.
    • We also expect residents to wear a face covering anytime outside of your room/apartment.
    • Anyone entering the community will be asked to wear a mask.
    • Review complete Coronavirus Community Standards on page two (2) of the 2020-21 Living on Campus Handbook.
    • Potential violations of these policies will be addressed through the Residential Life Student Conduct Process. If found responsible for violating the policies through the process, appropriate outcomes will be assigned to residents. Outcomes may include removal from on-campus living.