Residential College Requirements

Each Residential College Program is only open to first-year students, except the Honors House. Each student in a residential college program is required to be enrolled in at least two non-laboratory courses of residential college courses in both the fall and spring semesters. 

Program Res Hall Freshman Only? ACT/SAT Faculty Contacts Scheduling Contact Qualifying Majors
(Curriculum Code)
Other Notes

Agriculture Residential College

Blake Hall



Kristin Stair,


Mike Kaller, Associate Rector

Kristin Stair

College of Agriculture majors: Agricultural Business (AGBU), Agricultural & Extension Education (AGEE), Animal Sciences (ANMLS), Environmental Management Systems (ENSYS), Natural Resource Ecology & Management (NREM), Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFS), Plant & Soil Systems (PLSYS), Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising (TAM)

Laptop Computer Requirement

Business Residential College

West Hall



Dan Marin, Rector


Laurene Hutchinson,
Associate Rector

Jordan Lizana

College of Business majors: Accounting (ACCT), Economics (ECONS), Entrepreneurship (ENTR), Finance (FIN), General Business (GBUS), Information Systems & Decision Sciences (ISDS), International Trade & Finance (ITF), Management (MGT), Marketing (MKT)


Career Discovery
Residential College

Spruce Hall



Saundra Granger,

Gwen Snearl


Honors students not eligible for this program due to scheduling conflicts 

Engineering Residential College

North Hall with overflow in West Hall


ACT Math:23
New R-SAT Math: 570/28.5(MTst)
*for students entering LSU in Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Spring 2018
Old SAT Math: 540

Mark Rabalais,

Arlyn Saucier

College of Engineering majors:
Biological (BE), Chemical (CHE), Civil (CE), Computer (EEC), Electrical (EE), Environmental (EVEG), Industrial (IE), Mechanical (ME), and Petroleum Engineering (PETE), Computer Science (CSC), Construction Management (CM), and Engineering Undecided (ENRGU)


Human Sciences & Education Residential College

Cypress Hall



Wanda Hargroder, Rector

Ashley Gray

College of Human Sciences & Education majors within the Schools of Education (DUALC; PK3CT; ELED), Kinesiology (ATRN; KIN; SPADM), Leadership and Human Resource Development (LHRD), or Social Work (CFS)
Also accepted: pre-physician assistant (PA), pre-physical therapy (PPT), pre-occupational therapy (POT), pre-cardiopulmonary sciences (RTH), pre-clinical laboratory sciences (PMDT), pre-pharmacy (PPHAR), pre-dental hygiene (DH), pre-nursing (PNURS), pre-med* (PMED), pre-dental* (PDEN)

Humanities & Social Sciences Residential College

South Hall



Josef Horáček, Rector

Maya Galathe 225-578-3141

College of Humanities & Social Sciences majors: Anthropology (ANTH), Communication Disorders (COMD), Communication Studies (CMST), Economics-Empirical Economic Analysis (ECONA), English ** (ENGL), French (FREN), Geography (GEOGA/GEOGS), History (HIST), Interdisciplinary Studies ** (IS), International Studies ** (INTL), Liberal Arts ** (LIBAR), Philosophy (PHIL), Political Science (POLI), Pre-Law (PLAW), Psychology (PSYCS), Sociology (SOCL), Spanish (SPAN), Undecided-Social Sciences (UNSS)

All HSSRC students will be required to take UNST 1001: Research Methods in the Humanities & Social Sciences, a one-hour "university preparedness" course offered through the residential college and taught by the rector. This course will count as one of the two required HSSRC offered courses that semester.

Mass Communication Residential College

South Hall



Roxanne Dill, Associate Rector

Courtni Guidry

Manship School of Mass Communication (MC) majors with a concentration in Journalism (broadcasting and web/print), Digital Advertising, Public Relations, and Political Communication

Also open to undergraduate international students

Science Residential College

Evangeline Hall with overflow in West Laville Hall



ACT Math 23 & ACT Comp. 23
Old SAT Math 540 & Old SAT CR+M 1050
New SAT Math 570 & New SAT Total 1130

Hollie Hale-Donze,

Capri Mandella


College of Science majors: Biochemistry (BCHM), Biological Science (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), Geology (GEOLP), Microbiology (MBIO), Physics (PHYS), Mathematics (MATH), Undecided Science and Engineering (UNSE), Pre-Pharmacy (PPHAR), Pre-Medical (PMED), Pre-Dental (PDEN), Science Undecided (SCIUN) as well as Coastal Environmental Science (CES) in the College of the Coast and Environment

SRC students are encouraged to participate in an LSU-sponsored summer workshop for their major

Visual and Performing Arts Residential College

Broussard Hall



Shannon Walsh,

College of Art + Design majors

Erin Schell

College of Music & Dramatic Arts majors

Paloma Gonzalez

College of Art + Design majors (ARCH; STAR; ID; LA; PARCH; PART; PID; PLA; DESS; DESR)
College of Music & Dramatic Arts majors 
ALL MAJORS with an expressed interest in the arts (MUSIC; MUSED; MUSAR; THTR; PRMUS)

Students who do not have a major in ADSN or CMDA that select VPARC will be required to submit a "statement of interest" explaining why they would like to participate in the program.


The Honors House

Program Res Hall Freshman Only? Major Requirement ACT/SAT Faculty Contact Scheduling Contact Qualifying Majors Other Notes

Honors House

East & West Laville Halls



for requirements

Granger Babcock,

Jeremy Joiner

Open to all majors but must be enrolled
in the Honors College

Non-honors roommates allowed as space is available

You must apply for admission to this program


Themed Housing

Program Res Hall Freshman Only? Major Requirement ACT/SAT Contact Qualifying Majors Other Notes

Sophomore Experience


Sophomores Only



Open to all majors


ECA and WCA focus on the sophomore experience, with programs centered on career preparation, networking, and business etiquette.


* To be eligible for HSERC, these majors must have a declared major in the College of Human Sciences and Education
** These majors must have a concentration declared. Concentrations are not listed here.