Accessible Housing

The Department of Residential Life is committed to providing a community that is accepting of students and staff of different backgrounds, attributes, interests, and beliefs. All members of our community are responsible for supporting an atmosphere that appreciates individual differences and recognizes each person’s unique contribution to the university. We believe that our students can only achieve their full development as citizens with an environment that supports and promotes the ideas of an inclusive community. Residential Life takes a proactive approach to protect our diverse community by providing educational programming that addresses topics of diversity and social justice.

We partner with you and other campus offices like the Office of Disability Services, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Dean of Students, the Student Health Center and more to meet students’ needs and connect them with appropriate resources.

Students with Disabilities

If you require accommodations for a disability, you must register with the Office of Disability Services. The Office of Disability Services communicates any housing requirements necessary to our office so we can make appropriate accommodations for you. Contact the Office of Disability Services at 225-578-5919.

Assistance or Service Animals

Review the Residential Life Assistance or Service Animals Policy for complete details on the approval process and procedures to enable students with a disability to reasonably introduce their assistance or service animal into the housing community.

Gender Inclusive Housing

If you have questions or concerns about housing at LSU, please contact Aubree Adams at or  225-578-5497 to discuss options. Diversity in all its forms is central to a healthy and dynamic community, and we are committed to working with all students to ensure each individual who desires the on-campus experience can live on campus in a safe, comfortable environment.