Research Continuity Planning

Under the present COVID-19 threat, all administrative services of ORED will continue for the LSU research community, including via remote operation. These ORED services include the Offices of Sponsored Programs, Innovation & Technology Commercialization, Research Administration, and Research Compliance & Integrity including IRB.

The Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Inter-Institutional Biological and Recombinant DNA Safety Committee (IBRDSC) will remain operational.

 LSU recommends the following guidance for faculty researchers.

  • We encourage continuation of research
  • We recommend working off campus if practical
  • All campus researchers should follow CDC best practices for workplace social distancing and hygiene, which are summarized at the bottom of this message
  • Graduate and undergraduate students may continue work in laboratories, as per LSU guidance
  • Personnel in research facilities should be limited to LSU faculty/staff/student researchers ONLY. 

 Required Measures to Ensure Research Continuity

At present, all federal agencies are accepting proposals and processing awards and modifications as usual.

For proposals requiring biosafety review, the IBRDSC requests submission of proposal documents by March 25 for review at the April 2 meeting. 

Begin planning for the potential curtailment of research and campus operations should large numbers of employees need to remain off campus for longer periods of time.

Accordingly, ORED urgently requests that ALL current researchers submit a Research Continuity Plan by CLOSE OF BUSINESS, MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020.

To reduce the potential risk of transmission of the COVID-19, ORED asks that all campus labs and research facilities put in place the following measures:

  • Require that all sick personnel stay home until they no longer have symptoms (i.e. 24h fever free).

  • Update contact information for essential staff.

  • Have personnel disinfect their laboratory and communal spaces daily. Ensure adequate supplies of disinfectant and hand hygiene products are readily available.

  • Have all personnel practice/perform recommended personal hygiene measures including washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, avoid touching their face, and covering sneezes/coughs.

  • Practice “social distancing” of lab/research personnel to allow a 6-foot radius. This can be accomplished by having personnel come to the lab in shifts, limiting in person meetings by connecting remotely (such as Zoom Meeting), etc. 

  • Curtail off-campus visitors (i.e., seminar speakers) and travel to meetings/conferences.

  • When possible allow lab personnel and support staff to work remotely.

  • Postpone non-essential field work.

  • Review current campus travel guidelines and enforce self-isolation as necessary. Ensure that all lab employees, students and visitors who have traveled to or from a Level 3 country in the last 14 days self-isolate for 14 days since the date of departure from the country.

  • Maintain a sufficient inventory of critical supplies that might be impacted by shipping delays.

  • Ensure all high-risk materials and freezers are labeled with emergency contact information (radioactive, biohazards, chemicals) and secured.

Any research personnel who become ill while on campus with flu-like symptoms should notify their LSU supervisor by phone, and contact their primary care physician or the Student Health Center as appropriate, in accordance with the following LSU Presidential Directive and PM-13 Supplement


Contacts for Research Field Related Questions

Field of Research Name Title Email
Coastal Science and Engineering Samuel J. Bentley Vice President  
Science, Math, & Engineering Stephania Cormier Associate Vice President 
Social Sciences, Humanities, and Allied Fields Keena Arbuthnot Associate Vice President  
Visual and Performing Arts, High Performance and Enterprise Computing Stephen Beck Associate Vice President  
Proposals, awards and modifications to existing awards