Leave | LSU Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Preparing for Leave and Return to Work

As you make preparations for the delivery or adoption of your child, below is the process in which employees should follow to be in compliance during your leave. 


  1. Notify supervisor of leave needed (when known), in as much of an advanced notice as possible (30 days is recommended).
  2. FMLA process. Complete the FMLA form 30 days before the birth/adoption of a child. This form will need to be completed by the employee and a medical physician, and should be submitted to the LaTausha Brown Duncan in the Office of Human Resource Management at lataushab@lsu.edu. Our FMLA Specialist will review and process the form. If the employee has any questions, please contact our office at hr@lsu.edu.
  3. The status of an employee’s benefits, may change with the birth or adoption of a child.  Contact our Benefits Team at hr@lsu.edu for additional Information or questions regarding your benefits prior to the birth or adoption.
  4. Review Leave. If an employee will be out for an extended amount of time, a leave of absence must be submitted along with the appropriate time off request through Workday. If the employee is unable to place themselves on a leave of absence, then employee’s supervisor or department’s timekeeper will be responsible for completing this process in Workday.

  1. Adding your dependent/change benefits. Employees have 30 days after the birth and/or adoption to add the dependent to insurance. This is a two-step process. They first must add the child as a dependent. See the Manage Dependent job aid. Once routed and approved by HRM, they must then assign coverage to the dependent. See the Change Benefits job aid.  
  2. Prior to returning to work, an employee or supervisor will need to initiate a return from leave request through Workday. 

  1. Locate lactation rooms, as needed.
  2. If needed, discuss with your supervisor about appropriate break times to nurse.

Appropriate break time for breastfeeding mothers is a vital part in their successful return to work. The University provides employees with a half-hour lunch break and two 15-minute breaks per day. Time for these breaks cannot be accrued, nor should it be used to extend a lunch period or shorten a scheduled workday. Additionally, no charge is made to paid leave or leave without pay for such breaks. Be sure to communicate with your supervisor once returning to work on your needed break times, as some departments have special scheduling needs to meet throughout the standard workday (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.). View PS-79 on Flexible Work Hours and Staffing.

Information and Tips for Managers

An HR Representative can answer questions about how Family Medical Leave works. In short: baby bonding leave is designed for parents of newborns, adopted children and foster children during their first year. Up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave is granted to eligible Employees through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Giving notice. Managers should know that Employees are advised to give at least 30 days notice before taking a leave, whenever possible, to help plan for the leave.

Helpful tips:

  • Ask what your employee needs. Talk through variations of the employee’s scheduled time off, which will also help you adjust your workforce plan.
  • Develop a transition plan with the employee. Work together to identify what can be reassigned before the leave. If your employee manages others, make sure they are briefed on what to do when their manager is gone and what the temporary reporting structure will be.
  • Communicate with the entire team about expectations. Although you should be careful to not discuss personal details of your employee's leave widely, you can make colleagues part of the project planning process when there is a planned leave, and show appreciation for those who take on added responsibilities.

LSU utilizes Workday for all benefit changes. Make sure your employee understands this is a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), which allows for a new dependent to be added to their benefits. New parents only have 30 days from birth or date of placement to add a child to a health insurance policy. If the dependent is not added within 30 days of the QLE date, they must wait until they experience another QLE and/or Open Enrollment during October.