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Benefits & Policies

FMLA is unpaid leave granted to eligible employees which enables them to take up to twelve work weeks (480 hours) of job protected leave for qualifying events, including birth or adoption of a child. It provides for continuation of health care premiums when the employee has, and wishes to continue, health care coverage during the period of approved leave.

For additional Information on FMLA, please visit the FMLA page

When an employee gives birth to a child, accrued sick leave, of up to 6-8 weeks depending on delivery type, and accrued annual leave may be used.

When an employee does not give birth to a child, accrued annual leave may be used.  

In the event leave is exhausted and the employee is still unable to return to work, leave of absence without pay (LWOP) will be used.

Also note any unpaid time off will adjust monthly leave accruals.

For additional Information, please see PS-12, the University's Policy on Leave Guidelines.

The birth and/or adoption of a child is considered a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) to add and/or make changes to an employee’s benefits. The changes must be made within 30 days of the QLE which would be the date of birth or adoption. The benefits will be effective the date of birth or adoption. Proper documentation must be provided (see below), such as a birth certificate or adoption paperwork. During this time, the child can be added to any insurance offerings, including health insurance. Employees can also enroll in a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account and/or a Dependent Care Spending Account. These accounts allow employees to set aside tax-exempt dollars for out-of-pocket healthcare and/or dependent care expenses. For more information on LSU Benefit Offerings, please visit the Benefits webpage.

For a child under the age of 26: for natural or a legally adopted child of a plan member, a certified copy of the birth certificate which lists the plan member as parent, or a certified copy of a legal acknowledgment of paternity signed by plan member, or a certified copy of adoption decree naming plan member as adoptive parent is required. 
For adoption by agency or irrevocable act of surrender for private adoption, a certified copy of the adoption placement order showing date of placement, or copy of signed and dated irrevocable act of surrender is required.

LSU uses the Workday system to house employee Information and for employee processes.

It is the policy of Louisiana State University to recruit and employ highly qualified faculty. In accordance with this goal, the University strives to provide every opportunity for tenure-track faculty to attain a record worthy of tenure and promotion. In the course of a faculty member’s time in rank, the University may grant a temporary departure from the tenure-track, commonly called “Stopping the Tenure Clock.” The procedures linked establish a formal method for implementation of this temporary departure from the tenure-track as authorized by Section VIII.D. of Policy Statement 36-T (Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty: Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions, Tenure, Annual Reviews, and Enhancement of Job Performance). Nothing in these procedures shall supersede the provisions of PS-36-T. Read more about Making Adjustments to Counting Service Toward Tenure. 

As a reminder, LSU now has a remote work policy, which can be utilized by department heads to make arrangements for their individual units. In accordance with the policy, any arrangements to work remotely must be approved by an employee’s supervisor and unit head.

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