Parking & Transportation Services

Mission Statement

Parking & Transportation Services is responsible for overseeing the multiple aspects of traffic and transportation for the LSU campus. This includes control, enforcement, and maintenance of all parking facilities on campus.

Responsibilities also include coordination of several transportation modes on the campus to reduce the traffic and parking demands. The three primary transportation operations include a 23-bus mass transit system, a delivery/jitney service and the Campus Transit night-time shuttle service.

Other responsibilities include the operation of the Visitor Center; visitor paid parking lots and meters dispersed throughout the campus.

The office also maintains all parking and adjunct facilities such as curb cuts, lighting and sidewalks when associated with parking. Maintenance also encompasses painting, signage, and repairs associated with traffic control and vehicular and pedestrian safety including capital outlay for construction and renovation of parking lots.

Parking & Transportation Service’s Mission is to provide the university community with:

  • Safe and well-maintained parking as conveniently located as possible
  • Efficient, convenient and reliable mass transportation as well as alternative transportation modes
  • Courteous, helpful, prompt and professional service to all customers
  • Fair and consistent application of the Traffic and Parking Regulations
  • Use of technologies to make interaction with this office as easy as possible and user friendly.


Parking & Transportation Organizational Chart