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LSU offers a multitude of different permit types to visitors, faculty & staff, and students. During the Hours of Zone Parking, Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., students faculty & staff, employees, and visitors must park within his or her correct zone. Parking permits are required to park on campus all hours on weekdays, day and night. 

Students are eligible to receive the following permit types: Commuter (Zone 1), Greek (Zone 2), Resident (Zone 3), Law (Zone 4), Edward Gay, and U-High. 

Faculty & Staff are eligible to receive the following permit types: A Plan, B Plan, and C Plan. More information on faculty & staff permits can be viewed by clicking here.

LSU Parking & Transportation Services strives to provide a safe, controlled parking environment for the entire LSU community through our Rules & Regulations. We encourage all visitors, employees, contractors, and students to become familiar with these rules & regulations. Citations are issued to vehicles in violation and some vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense depending on the violation. View the full list of violations


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Learn where to park your vehicle, your bike, or find various sustainable transportation option spots on the LSU campus.

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Rules & Regulations

These Traffic & Parking Regulations are published and enforced to facilitate the safe and orderly operation of motor vehicles and bicycles on campus and to provide a safe environment for pedestrians.

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Visitor Parking

For a nominal fee, parking on campus is available to visitors. Most visitor spaces on campus are located near the center of campus near Pleasant Hall at the Visitor Center, the LSU Union, Thomas Boyd Hall, North & South Stadium Roads, Patrick Taylor Hall (formerly CEBA), and the Faculty Club.

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Faculty/Staff Permits

There are three plans for employee parking. Any employee bringing a vehicle to campus must have a permit whether it is for the day, the semester, a month, a week, or the entire year.

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Student Permits

Any student bringing a vehicle to campus must have a permit whether it is for the day, the semester, the month, the week, or the entire year.

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Departmental Permits

Departments on the LSU campus may purchase and obtain a parking permit for an individual, group of individuals, or department vehicles. Payments for the permit, permits, or gate access devices must be paid upon pick up.

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ADA Accessible Permits

The Office of Parking & Transportation Services offers short-term temporary disability parking for students and employees whose temporary disability impacts mobility and is needed for less than six months.

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