Contractor - Vendor Permit Request Form

Contractor - Vendor Permit Request Form

Parking within C reserved lots or B Central areas is granted to outside entities only on an as-needed basis. There is too great of a demand from LSU staff/faculty to allow for outside companies/individuals to have reserved parking for convenience only. In order to determine if the need is sufficient to grant access to gated areas, you are asked to provide the requested information below. Please note the following:

Parking Permits and Gate Access Devices should be picked up and requested by a supervisor, unless prior notification was emailed to stating that another person will be picking up the permits and/or gate access devices on behalf of the company and will have the required payment.
Contractors/Vendors/Service Providers in need of access to a reserved lots on campus will be assigned, on an as-needed basis, and charged the appropriate rates for C-Plan parking permits.

For those who qualify, central (“easy-street”) parking is available to personnel in need of access to street parking and not a reserved lot. These personnel will be charged the appropriate rates for B-plan parking permits.
All personnel not requiring access to campus, will be assigned to parking lots surrounding campus and assigned an A-plan parking permit(s) and will be charged the associated rates.

Payments for parking permits are accepted via cash, credit card, checks, and money orders. Payment is required upon picking up parking permits and gate access devices.
Gate access devices MUST  be returned to our office when your parking permit expires. Upon return of the gate access device(s), your $30 deposit will be refunded to your LSU account. You will be able to pick up this refund from the LSU Bursar’s Office located in Thomas Boyd Hall. Please note: NO refunds will be issued from our office.
If your company is a subcontractor, permits and gate access devices MUST be picked up and requested by the General Contractor.

Please be thorough and detailed in providing the information below. Incomplete or unanswered sections may result in the request being delayed or denied. NOTE: Please allow 48 hours for permit request approval by the Senior Director. 

Permit prices are as follows:

Plan Description Day Week Month Year
C Plan  $10 $22 $55 $550
B Plan $5 $12 $30 $275
A Plan $1.50 $3 $7 $66

Gate Access Device: $30 refundable deposit (per device)

Please note: Gate Access Devices are only issued to personnel with a B-plan parking permit or a C-plan parking permit.