Parking Violations

University traffic summons/violations are issued to a vehicle in violation of the LSU Parking Rules & Regulations.  Citations are issued as a control method to provide a safe and accident-free parking environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the LSU campus. Questions or concerns regarding a citation? Call (225) 578-5000 or email us at

All Traffic and Parking violations not paid within sixty (60) calendar days or appealed within fourteen (14) business days of the violation will be sent to collections and violators will be responsible for all costs associated with collection.

Violation Type Violation Description Violation Cost
Altered/Counterfeit Permit An altered or counterfeit permit is described as a permit created or made to appear as an official LSU issued parking permit. $72
Bicycle A bicycle parked in an illegal parking place or not within a designated bike rack. $18
Blockage A vehicle blocking another vehicle, blocking an entry or exit, construction site, or equipment. $24
Disobey Officer Disobeying a Parking & Transportation Services traffic enforcement officer's order(s). $72
Expired STP Sticker Being in possession an expired STP sticker giving special parking privileges by Parking & Transportation Services. $18
Fire Lane Parking, stopping, or standing within a designated Fire Lane or zone. $72
Against Flow Parking in a way that an individual would have to go against the flow of traffic to enter or exit a parking space. $18
Football A special event ticket in which an individual is parked incorrectly during a home LSU football game. (see Rules & Regulations) $30
Hazardous Parking A vehicle causing an immediate safety concern by disrupting the flow of traffic as determined by the issuing officer. $72
Handicapped Space Parking, stopping, or standing in a handicapped/disabled space without a handicapped/disabled license plate or placard. $325
Handicapped Ramp Parking, stopping, or standing at a handicapped/disabled ramp or at a curb cut. $325
Improper Parking Parking over a designated line; taking up more than one parking space.  $18
Improper Display Not displaying a LSU issued parking permit on the vehicle's rear view mirror or on the right hand side of windshield in a plastic pouch provided by Parking & Transportation Services. $18
Lawn  Parking on a lawn or grassy area and instead of a designated parking space. $24
Lost Permit  A person is in possession of a lost permit that has been reported to Parking & Transportation Services. $72
No Parking Zone  Parking within an area that is designated as a "No Parking Zone" by yellow curbs, yellow crossed lines, signage, or barricades. $30
Overtime Parking Parking within a metered space and not paying the meter or the meter expires . $18
Out-of-Zone B-C  An A plan or student permit parks with in a zone designated as an area reserved for B plan permits or C plan permits. $30
Out-of-Zone  Parking outside of an individual's designated zone during the hours of zone parking (7:00am-4:30pm). $24
Reserved Lot  Parking within a lot reserved and indicated by barricades or signage; Parking within a C plan zone during the hours of zone parking (7:00am-4:30p)** without a C plan permit or STP sticker providing specific privileges. $30
Reserved Medical  Parking within a space reserved for a LSU issued medical permit. $30
Reserved Space  Parking within a space that is reserved for a specific individual or party. $30
Restricted Street  Parking within a restricted street indicated by barricades, curb markings, curb cuts, signage, etc. $24
Sidewalk  Parking on or blocking a walking path. $24
Service Drive  Parking within a street or alley that is used for repairs to equipment, buildings, etc. without proper permission from Parking & Transportation Services.  $24
Stolen Permit  Being in possession of a permit that has been reported stolen by the individual assigned to the specific permit. $72
Towable Offense  In the event of the tow truck being unable to tow a vehicle(s) for any reason, a towable offense citation may be issued in place of a tow. $100
Travel Lane  Parking in or obstructing the flow of traffic by parking, stopping, or standing in the lane of travel. $30
Unregistered  Parking on LSU's campus without a valid parking permit; Having an expired parking permit displayed $100
Yellow Curb Area  Parking, stopping, or standing within a yellow curb area marked by yellow paint, yellow curbs, signage, or barricades. Also known as a "No Parking Zone." $30