Board of Regents Departmental Enhancement Timeline and Procedures 

To prepare for and organize the Departmental Enhancement proposal submissions, the following timeline and procedures should be followed.  Questions/inquiries may be directed to

 Date Procedure
9/5/2023 An internal ENH Notice of Intent Form must be submitted to

OSP will distribute Notices of Intent to Deans, Department Heads and Grant Coordinators when additional input is needed.

9/11/2023 - 9/18/2023
  1. Academic units that were included in more than one Comprehensive ENH Multidisciplinary proposal or that will submit more than one Targeted ENH, will conduct their own internal reviews based on the submitted NOIs.
  2. No later than 09/18/2023 Academic Units will notify OSP of:
    • The academic unit’s selected Comprehensive ENH Multidisciplinary proposal and/or
    • The recommended rank order of the academic unit’s Targeted ENH proposals
  3. OSP will provide coordination with and final approval by the Institutional Screening Committee after 09/22/2023. 
10/10/2023 Budget and Budget justifications are to be routed in GeauxGrants to OSP using budget templates available at our OSP website.


Final proposals are due to BOR by 4:30 p.m. in LOGAN. Investigators are responsible for loading all proposal elements in LOGAN, except the Institutional Screening Committee Memorandum which will be loaded by OSP.

Eligible Disciplines:

Engineering B (Industrial, Materials, Mechanical), Biological Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, PHysics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Agricultural Sciences, Astronomy, Non-Disciplinary Workforce