Revisions to Policy Statement 98

Revisions to PS-98, LSU’s policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research, are in now in effect.

The revised policy,, effective June 21, 2019 and published June 26, 2019,  requires all investigators who are applying for externally funded projects or receiving externally funded support, regardless of source, to maintain an annual disclosure of Significant Financial Interest (SFI). The broadening of the policy is in response to a review of our research integrity processes by the Office of Internal Audit.  
For all proposals and awards routed on or after June 27, 2019, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will confirm investigators, as defined in PS-98, have submitted SFI disclosures in GeauxGrants before approving a routed proposal or accepting an award.  We encourage investigators to complete this disclosure step early to avoid any delays in processing proposals and awards.
Investigators can log into GeauxGrants ( using their LSU ID and password, to submit their PS-98 Significant Financial Interest (SFI) disclosure, and review or update any previously submitted disclosures. An online helpdesk, with general information, step-by-step guides, and FAQs, is available on the GeauxGrants website.