Sponsored Programs


The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs is to provide advice and support to the university community in the acquisition and administration of externally funded projects in furtherance of the instruction, research, and public service mission of the university.

OSP is charged with the responsibility of handling all proposal and award activities for the University. The Executive Director of OSP oversees the University's administrative and support systems for faculty in the conduct of sponsored program activities.

OSP strives to facilitate the competitiveness and compliance of our researchers by providing customer service oriented assistance, keeping abreast of sponsor requirements and state and federal regulations, and utilizing current technology. The OSP office is dedicated to providing current information, advice, and assistance to faculty and staff. OSP continually seeks ways to improve the processes and services it provides to the University. The OSP team, in collaboration with other central administrative offices, works together with University faculty and staff toward the advancement of research for LSU.



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08/29/2023                              Upcoming NSF System-Related Deadlines                                                                                                          07/11/2023                                     FY23-24 Board of Regents Support Fund Programs                                                                                         01/13/2023                                            NIH Salary Cap Notice       

12/07/2022                                               NSF Proposal & Award Procedures Guide (NSF 23-1)               

12/07/2022                                         NIH Forms H (due dates on or after 01/25/2023)                                                                                                          07/08/2022                                        FY22-23 New Fringe Benefits and F&A Rate Agreement                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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