LSU Traffic Evacuation Plan

LSU is committed to providing a high level of emergency preparedness and response. The LSU Police Department and the LSU Emergency Operations Center have developed the Traffic Evacuation Plan to evacuate vehicles from the campus in the event of a campus-wide evacuation. LSU Police has coordinated with local law enforcement, as well as the Baton Rouge Traffic Engineer’s Office to facilitate the most efficient plan possible.

Your cooperation is vital to the success of this Traffic Evacuation Map

We ask that you follow the evacuation patterns on the map and the direction of law enforcement. The goal of this plan is to evacuate all vehicles from campus as quickly as possible. You may be directed in a route that is different from your normal path or directs you away from your desired destination. We ask that you follow the directed routes from campus and then identify an alternate route to your desired destination.  

The goal is to get out of harm’s way.

Please remember that if there is a campus emergency, your goal should be to get out of harm’s way, NOT to get to your car, or to take your usual route home. In some cases, it may be faster or safer for you to walk or bike to a nearby off-campus location to wait for further instructions. Remember that your personal safety comes first, so please don’t take any chances when it comes to taking the fastest and safest route off of campus. For example, if campus is being evacuated, don’t walk through campus in order to get to your vehicle or bicycle if it’s faster to walk off campus in another direction. You can always get your car or bike later, once the area is deemed safe. 

The nature of the emergency may alter the map and evacuation routes.

[quote]Be prepared to follow the instructions of police officers on the scene. [/quote]It is also important to note that depending upon the nature of the emergency, the map and evacuation routes may be altered. For example, if the emergency occurs near a major intersection, that intersection would have to be removed as an evacuation route. So please be prepared to follow the instructions of police officers on the scene.  

Mass transit may be arranged.

Depending upon the emergency, we will also arrange for our mass transit system to assist students, especially those who reside on campus or do not have transportation, in evacuating campus. If needed, designated areas where students can meet to take a bus will be communicated.

Use of contra-flow will be dependent upon circumstances.

Contra-flow of traffic may or may not be used, depending upon the circumstances. Some routes into campus may need to remain open due to the daily operations of campus and the need for some to get into the campus as others are evacuating. And contra-flow requires a number of officers, from campus, city and state police, as well as the sheriff’s office, to be in place to flow traffic off of campus and into the rest of the city’s thoroughfares. Depending on the emergency, this may or may not be the most efficient plan. Therefore, it is essential to follow the direction of officers on the scene.  

We appreciate your cooperation.