Network Design

The LSU Network is modeled for robustness and redundancy. It includes four core Layer 3 switches, fully meshed. Each core switch is connected to three other core switches at 10 Gbps. This design utilizes Equal Cost Multipath OSPF to provide a full 30 Gbps of load balanced interconnect full duplex capability.

Each building on campus is connected to the core via a layer 3 distribution switch. This distribution switch connects to two of the four core switches at either 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps speeds via single mode fiber. The distribution switches then downlink to each access layer switch at either 1 Gbps or 100 Mbps. These access layer switches provide the copper ports that user's computers plug directly into. For a pictoral representation of the LSU backbone, click here.

LSU Building Up-link Speeds
10 Gig Chemical Engineering, Choppin, Coates, Electrical Engineering, Enviromental and Coastal Ecology, Frey Computing Services, Football Operations, Hodges, Howe Russell, Johnston, Law Center, Life Sciences, Life Sciences Annex, Lockett, Louisiana Digital Media, Middleton, Music and Dramatic Arts, Music Hall, Nicholson, Nuclear Science, Patrick Taylor, Student Union, Veterinary Medicine
1 Gig Agriculture Administration, Alex Box Field, Allen, Art Building, Atkinson, Athletic Administration, Audubon, Cogen Power Plant, Facility Services, Fireman's Training, French House, Grace King Hall, Gym Armory, Hatcher, Himes Hall, Human Ecology, Infirmary, Journalism, Kirby Smith, Knapp, Long Field House, LSU System Building, Military Science, New Design, Plant Science, Peabody, Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Pleasant, Prescott, Print Shop, Renewable Natural Resources, South Campus Research Park, Sports Recreation, Stubbs, Thomas Boyd, Tureaud Hall, University Lab School, University Public Safety,Wetland Resources    
Less than 1 Gig Blowout School, Dairy Farm, Gennex, Golf Course, Hazardous Waste Facility, Louisiana House, Natatorium, Nicholson Apartments Maintenance Building, Old Engineering Shops, Old Forestry, Old President House, Poultry Science, Student Adventure Complex, Tiger Gift Center