Financial Aid for International Students

It is important to gather the resources needed to fund an education in the U.S. Financial aid is available, but it takes work and persistence to find the right assistance for your needs and eligibility. Please be aware that international students typically do not qualify for U.S. financial aid such as Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, etc., and that our team does not play any role in financial assistance award decisions. We've provided a list of options that are available to you, but this list is by no means exhaustive. 

LSU Financial Assistance

The type of financial assistance available to you will vary on your classification. 



Funding Outside of LSU

If no LSU financial assistance is available for you, you can search online for scholarships for international study. There may be private agencies or other entities (government, corporations, etc.) in your home country that offer scholarships or loan programs for the purpose of studying abroad. Be cautious when investigating the legitimacy of the site/agency, especially if there are fees/costs involved.

Disclaimer: Financial-aid assistance that you may receive from any of the sites above and agreements that you make with these entities are your responsibility. International Services and LSU are not responsible for or involved in any decisions that you make regarding your relationship with any of these entities. International Services and LSU also are not responsible for the terms and agreements that you make with these or any other entities.