F-1 DSO Letter Request Instructions

These following instructions are for F-1 students who have on-campus jobs that are directly paid by LSU Payroll (such as a department, the library, UREC, etc.)

  • For J-1 students, please read the “J-1 Visa Status” information on the Social Security Information webpage: lsu.edu/intlpro/is/current-students/social_security.php
  • For F-1 Students with a Vendor job: Those who have found on-campus jobs that are paid by official vendors such as Barnes and Noble (The LSU Bookstore), Subway in Foster Hall, etc. should contact isoemp@lsu.edu for the Vendor Work Permit and Letter process.

Steps for F-1 students to request a Combination DSO Letter for Social Security

  1. You must first find and be hired for a campus job.
  2. Share the Template Letter for Combined Employment Authorization (LSU Hiring Department and IS DSO) with your LSU on-campus employer.  The LSU department or office that is hiring you must complete the top portion of the letter, which must be printed on LSU letterhead with an original signature.
  3. You will need to submit the following documents to our office:
    • A completed DSO Letter Request Form for Social Security (F-1 Students).  The form can be found at 101 Hatcher Hall front desk or online at: lsu.edu/intlpro/is/pdf/ssn-dso_letter_request_form.pdf.
    • Original Combination DSO Letter, printed on your LSU hiring department/office letterhead, signed and dated appropriately.
    • If you are starting a Graduate Assistantship job, you must also provide a copy of the Assistantship letter.
  4. Our office will review your request and process it in approximately 5-10 business days.  You will receive an email if we have any questions or when the completed documents are ready for pickup.
  5. Follow the rest of the information on the LSU International Services Social Security Information page: lsu.edu/intlpro/is/current-students/social_security.php under “Documents Required” for “F-1 Visa Status” to apply for your Social Security number.