Dr. Harry M. Mokeba 

Distinguished Instructor

PhD: University of South Carolina
Office: 209 Stubbs Hall
Phone: 225-578-2143
Fax: 225-578-2540


Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Mokeba teaches international relations, international law and organization, comparative politics of developing nations and African government and politics.

Awards & Honors

Nicholson Award For Teaching Excellence of the College of Arts and Sciences
Robert Udick Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award of the College of Arts and Sciences

Selected Publications

“Political Research in Cameroon and Equatorial Africa” in Handbook of Political Science Research in Africa South of the Sahara. Mark Delancey, ed. (Greenwood). 1992, 219-251.

Thomas Sankara, "In Political Leaders of Contemporary Africa South of the Sahara" Harvey Glickman, Ed. (Greenwood). 1992, 245-250.

With Mark Delancey. 1990 "The Historical Dictionary of Cameron". Metuchen, N.J.: (Scarecrow Press).Country Profile of Equatorial Guinea. 1987. "World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties". 1338-1440.


POLI 1001 Fundamental Issues of Politics
POLI 2053 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLI 2057 Introduction International Politics
POLI 4041 International Law
POLI 4042 International Organization
POLI 4043 American Foreign Policy
POLI 4044 The Contemporary International System
POLI 4064 Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
POLI 4078 African Government and Politics