Irina Shport

Irina Shport

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Oregon

212-B Allen Hall


Irina Shport is an Associate Professor in English, affiliated with the Interdepartmental Linguistics Program and the Hispanic Studies Program. Her research concerns the structure, interpretation, and acquisition of sound patterns, which is important for understanding cross-language differences, individual differences in language learning, and socially meaningful variation in speech. Dr. Shport uses experimental methods and field methods in her work. Her projects so far involved languages such as Southern U.S. English, Tokyo Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Nahuatl, Russian, and Latinx Spanish. Dr. Shport also directs the Language Learning & Teaching Lab which is housed in the Department of English. She welcomes students to use the lab facilities to work on their own projects or on collaborative projects (often facilitated via work-study, President's Students Aide in the Ogden Honors College, LSU Discover grants, the ASPIRE program, the McNair Program, and independent studies). Dr. Shport enjoys teaching an array of courses on linguistics and the English language, including communication-intensive courses and a service-learning course in a partnership with schools in East Baton Rouge. In 2015, she was awarded a university-level Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award. In 2018, she received a Happy Award from the LSU Center for Community Engagement, Learning, & Leadership. Her collaborations with undergraduate students extended her work to Cajun English and African American English spoken in Louisiana.

Area(s) of Interest

Phonetics and phonology, as examined in speech perception and production, with focus on (a) factors influencing language learning and (b) factors influencing language variation.

Curriculum Vitae