Dr.  Anna  Nardo 

Alumni Professor  - English

Bachelor's Degree(s): Emory University

Master's Degree: Emory University

PhD: Emory University

Phone: (225) 578-0809

E-mail: anardo@lsu.edu

Office: 260D Allen


Area of Interest

Seventeenth-century English literature, especially the prose and poetry of John Milton

George Eliot and John Milton

Shakespeare and film

Awards & Honors

LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award, 2003

Irene Samuel Award for Best Collection of Essays, awarded by the Milton Society of America, Dec. 1998 for Arenas of Conflict: Milton and the Unfettered Mind. Eds. Charles W. Durham and Kristin P. McColgan (Susquehanna University Press, 1997), 193-211, in which my essay "The Education of Milton's Good Angels" appeared.

Morris & Deette Anderson Alumni Professorship, 1998.

Nicholson Award, College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Faculty Member, 1992-93.

James Holly Hanford Award for the best article on John Milton published in 1991, presented by the Milton Society of America.

H.M. Hub Cotton Faculty Excellence Award, 1988.

Selected Publications


George Eliot’s Dialogue with John Milton (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2003).

The Ludic Self in Seventeenth-Century English Literature (Albany: SUNY Press, 1991).

Milton's Sonnets and the Ideal Community (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1979).

Selected chapters and articles:

“Stoppard’s Space Men: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on Film,” Literature/Film Quarterly, 36 (2008), 113-21.

“Playing with Shakespeare’s Play: Branagh’s Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Shakespeare, .Sound and Screen, ed. Peter Holland, Shakespeare Survey, 61 (2008), 13-22.

“Dialogue in Shakespearean Offshoots,” Literature/Film Quarterly, 34 (2006), 104-12.

"A Space for Academic Recreation: Milton's Proposal in The Reason of Churchgovernment," Literary Circles and Cultural Communities in Renaissance England, Eds. Ted-Larry Pebworth and Claude Summers (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2000), 128-47.

"John Milton, Object of the Erotic Gaze?" Living Texts: Interpreting Milton Eds. Charles W. Durham and Kristin A. Pruitt (Selinsgrove: Susquehanna University Press, 2000), 57-79.

"Perpetual Reformation: LSU's Curriculum Options for the Twenty-First Century," ADE Bulletin, 125 (2000), 32-36.

"Romola and Milton: A Cultural History of Rewriting," Nineteenth-Century Literature, Dec. (1998), 328-63. 

"The Education of Milton's Good Angels," Arenas of Conflict: Milton and the Unfettered Mind. Eds. Charles W. Durham and Kristin P. McColgan (Susquehanna University Press, 1997), 193-211.

"Changing Institutions, Changing Teachers: Conversations about Curriculum Revision," with Sarah Liggett and Wade Dorman, ADE Bulletin 114 (1996) 30-38.

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"'Sung and Proverb'd for a Fool': Samson as Fool and Trickster," Mosaic, 22 (1989), 1-16.