How To Join Detachment 310

To join Detachment 310 at Louisiana State University please complete the following steps in order.

If you have any questions, contact or call 225-578-5956.

Enroll full time (12 hours minimum) at Louisiana State University or at one of Detachment 310's crosstown universities.

Students seeking a second undergraduate degree or graduate degree are eligible to join AFROTC as long as all other requirements are met

*** If you are not a JAG applicant, continue on to Step 2 ***

If you are applying for the Graduate Law Program (GLP) Two Year program of GLP One Year Program (OYCP), you must interview with the local AFROTC detachment associated with your law school during the first semester of the first year (GLP) or second year (OYCP) of law school.

If you are attending Louisiana State University A&M Law School, you are eligible to apply to Detachment 310.

Please email and provide the following information:

  1. Subject of the Email: Let us know which program you are applying for (ex. GLP Applicant or OYCP Applicant)
  2. Attach a resume (maximum two pages)
  3. Attach the following Memorandum and complete the following sections:
    1. "From Information"
    2. Para 1. Applicant Name
    3. Para 3. Detachment Name and Applicant Name
    4. Do not complete the other yellow highlighted areas
    5. We will complete this memorandum which you must include in your application
  4. Body of the Email:
    1. Contact Information
    2. Some pertinent information about yourself that is not included in your resume (not required)
    3. List of dates you are available for the interview

If we can enroll you, we will get in contact with you concerning a date and time in which to schedule the interview.

You can find more information to include the application process concerning these programs under "During School."


2B: Academic Plan

  • For information on LSU courses please review the LSU Course Catalog and LSU Course Offerings
  • Your Academic Plan should include the classes you predict you will take, but will likely be changed later on.

Ensure you have completed your entire WINGS application and uploaded ALL required documents before Step 3. 

After Step 2 is fully complete, you must let us know by emailing Do not email until you have finished Steps 1 and 2.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  1. Your full name
  2. Contact Information
  3. Your major (if known)
  4. Your grade level
  5. Confirmation that you have completed your WINGS application

*** Once you have contacted Detachment 310, we will review your WINGS Application. You cannot be admitted into the program without a FULLY competed WINGS application (Step 2) ***

Register for the required AFROTC classes as outlined below.

  • Fall Semester: 
    • If you are a freshman student, enroll in ASST 1001 and ASST 1011
    • If you are a sophomore student, enroll in ASST 1001, ASST 2001, and ASST 2011
  • Spring Semester:
    • If you are a freshman student, enroll in ASST 1002 and ASST 1012.
    • If you are a sophomore student, enroll in ASST 1002, ASST 2002, and ASST 2012

6A: Ensure that you have contacted Detachment 310 properly (Step 3). 

6B: In-processing and Orientation will occur at the beginning of every semester. Ensure you have registered for all the required classes (Step 4).

6C: You will be required to bring an original copy of two things to In-Processing:

  • Either your original birth certificate or passport.
  • Original copy of your social security card.

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