HR Generalists

HR Generalists

The HR Generalist section of Human Resource Management (HRM) is responsible for a wide variety of areas within HR. They provide a dedicated line of communications (phones and emails) where current employees, prospective employees, and former employees can get all of their general HR needs answered.

Why Contact the Generalists?

Louisiana State University will provide Federal, State, and local government agencies any employment information required by law. We will also provide employment information if you are requesting for yourself.

All employment and income verification requests must use the Work Number automated service. This excludes the following verification: any prior state service, student, graduate assistant, social service, prior teaching service. Please contact the Generalists for those requests only. Please visit this page for more information on the Work Number. 

Our Generalist team is authorized to certify your employment with LSU and sign your PSLF document. You can send your form to our email, and you can expect your signed form to be returned to you in 24-48 hours.

Our FEIN number is 72-6000848 and we are a governmental organization.

You are responsible for submitting your application to the student aid website.

For more information about the program and how to qualify, please see the Federal Student Aid website.

For employees having trouble navigating Workday, please visit the LSU Workday website for training materials. If you are having trouble logging into Workday for the first time, click here for instructions. For any further questions or clarification, you can call or email us.

For analysts having trouble completing actions in Workday, you can email our generalist team and we will help to trouble shoot any issues you might be having or you can use the link in the Forms and Resources box to submit a support ticket.



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