Vision Insurance

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Monthly Premiums

Level of Coverage Premium 12 month employee Premium 9 month employee
Employee Only $7.39 $9.85
Employee + Spouse $12.45 $16.60
Employee + Children $12.72 $16.96
Family $20.50 $27.33


In-Network Benefits at a Glance

Comprehensive Eye Exam Every 12 months No co-pay
Pair of eyeglass lenses Every 12 months No co-pay
Single vision, lined, bi-focal, lined tri-focal or lined lenticular lenses, Standard and Deluxe Progressive and Oversized Lenses Every 12 months No co-pay
Standard scratch coating, Solid and Gradient Tint, ultraviolet Glass and Plastic Coating Covered in full Covered in full
Frames Every 12 months $130 allowance
Lens Options See benefit summary for details
Covered selection of Contact Lenses (lens fitting included) Every 12 months No co-pay
Up to 4 boxes

Elective Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses that fall outside the covered selection (Co-pay does not apply)

Every 12 months $130 allowance

Additional Materials

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Watch Now! Vision Brainshark: A customized multimedia presentation designed to inform and educate eligible employees about their UnitedHealthcare benefits. Watch this short video from UnitedHealthcare about the benefits they provide LSU employees!

Additional Member Benefits

Member Resources at

  • 24 hour benefit access
  • Provider locator & FAQs
  • Eye care & eye health information 

If you wish to nominate a particular ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician as a Vision Network Provider, click here to access the Provider Nomination Form.


UnitedHealthcare Customer Service: 1-800-638-3120

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Manage (Add/Remove) Dependents

*Vision Insurance and Dependents can only be changed during Annual Enrollment or due to a qualifying event.

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