Greek Glossary

Active: an undergraduate who has been initiated into lifelong membership.

Alumni: Greek members who are college graduates.

Alumni: a sorority member who is no longer in college; plural is alumnae.

City Panhellenic: the cooperative community organization of alumnae members of NPC sororities.

Bid: an invitation to a potential member to join a sorority or fraternity. No bid (written or oral) may be extended during formal recruitment except through Panhellenic/Interfraternity
Council-a bid issued in any other manner is not binding and is considered illegal.

Bid List: used in bid matching to coordinate sorority and fraternity and potential member preferences.

Chapter: the name applied to the local organization of a national fraternity or sorority.

College Panhellenic: the cooperative campus organization of collegiate members of NPC sororities.

Continuous Recruitment: also called informal recruitment; a time, other than formal recruitment, when bids may be extended and accepted.

Event/Round: a structured recruitment event, usually repeated several times during formal recruitment.

Exchange: a social activity involving two or more Greek organizations.

Formal Recruitment: a designated membership recruitment time period during which a series of organized activities are held by each sorority, fraternity, or governed by Panhellenic/IFC.

Gamma Chi: PHC undergraduate recruitment advisor for female potential members.

IFC: Interfraternity Council – the governing body of the fraternity system.

Intake: the period of education before initiation when NPHC new members learn the history and traditions of the organization.

Interest Meeting: meeting for prospective members to receive information about and meet members of an NPHC organization.

Initiation: a ritual ceremony through which new members learn the full meaning of their Greek organization.

Legacy: usually a potential member who is the sibling, child, or grandchild of an active member or an alumni of a Greek organization.

Line: (also referred to as “Ship”): a group of new members in a specific NPHC chapter, in a specific semester.

Membership Selection: the right of each sorority and fraternity to select their own members.

Neophyte: New member of an NPHC organization; also called a “Neo.”

New/Associate Member: a student who has accepted the bid or invitation for membership of a Greek organization but has not been initiated.

NIC: North-American Interfraternity Conference – a national confederation of 64 men’s fraternities.

NPC: National Panhellenic Conference – the conference body of the 26 women’s sororities established in 1902 to support the collegiate and alumnae chapters of the NPC member groups.

NPHC: National Pan-Hellenic Council – the national governing body for the nine historically African-American sororities and fraternities.

NPHC New Member Presentation: event where newly initiated members of an NPHC group perform step routines and reveal themselves to the public after their intake period.

PHC: Panhellenic Council- the governing body of the sorority system.

Potential Member: a student who is interested in becoming a member of a Greek organization and has registered for the formal recruitment process.

Preference: the final round of formal recruitment events.

Prophyte: An older member of an NPHC organization.

Quota: the number of women each NPC sorority may pledge during formal recruitment (number varies each year).

Recommendation: a letter written by alumnae members of sororities recommending a potential member for membership.

Recruitment Counselor: a collegiate Panhellenic representative who is not in contact with her own chapter during recruitment and is available to guide potential new members
through the recruitment process, also called Gamma Chi.

Release: The term used by a PM to not accept an invitation by a sorority or by the sorority when a PM has not been invited. Being “released” completely from recruitment means a PM no longer has invitations to sorority events.

Rho Alpha: IFC undergraduate Recruitment Advisor for male potential new members.

Silence: the period of time during the formal recruitment process when there is no communication between NPC potential members and sorority members.

Single Intentional Preference: when a potential member only lists one NPC sorority on her preference card when she has several options.

Stepping/Step Show: a tradition of NPHC organizations where routines are performed.