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Empower Retreat

Empower does simply what the name suggests -- empowers future Greek leaders.

This experience is unlike anything you have ever had before. You learn about the other councils, dive into your leadership skills, and celebrate life as a Greek! These aspects make it a three-day weekend that's hard to forget.


greek student leadership participating in 2019 empower retreat
greek council leadership enjoying empower weekend retreat
 leadership at empower weekend retreat


Here's a quick preview of what the Empower Retreat Experience could look like for you:

Check out testimonials from members who attended Empower in 2017:




"My favorite part about Empower was my group! I truly had my eyes opened to traditions of other councils and what makes our community special. I still keep in contact with all the members from my group because of Empower!" -- Cassie Hopper, Chi Omega 

"Empower gave me the opportunity to evaluate my role as a leader in my chapter, within the Greek community, and the student body. It gave me the tools to personally develop my leadership style to be as effective as possible. Empower did this through helping me create friendships that will be my support group during my time at LSU, use critical thinking to solve potential and current problems in Greek Life, and utilize all my available resources to positively impact my chapter, the Greek community, and the LSU community as a whole." -- Austin Grasshof, Sigma Phi Epsilon



"My advice for future Empower participants is to get uncomfortable!! Challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to grow. You’re at Empower for a reason, so for however many hours (!!) take everything in and be all here. Meet someone, learn something, and smile A LOT!" -- Paige Brasseaux, Delta Zeta

Join us for a weekend of peer-education surrounding leadership development, community building, and fun!