Graduate Assistantship FAQs

Where can I get an application for a graduate assistantship?

Departments recruit and hire graduate assistants on an individual basis. You must contact specific departments for availability. Non-discipline specific and administrative assistantships are listed in the Graduate School’s weekly announcements during the academic year when they become available.


I am an LSU Online student. Am I able to apply for a graduate assistantship?

At this time, LSU Online students are not allowed to hold graduate assistantships.


Can I drop below full-time status?

No. There are no exceptions to this rule (including the graduating semester). Audited courses do not count towards this requirement.


Do I have to register for classes during the summer?

If your assistantship is a 9-month academic appointment, registration during summer sessions is not required. If you have a 12-month appointment or a summer assistantship, full-time registration (6 credit hours) during the summer is required.


Do I have to take the English proficiency class if I’m an international student and speak English natively?

All international students who will be teaching are required to meet the English proficiency requirement either through an oral interview or coursework. This includes students from English-speaking countries such as Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. See the ESL program website for more information.


I have been placed on academic probation. Will I lose my assistantship? 

Students must be in good standing to be awarded and to hold assistantships. PS-21 details one-time exemption to this requirement under “Qualifications.” This exemption is at the discretion of the student’s home department, college dean, and the Dean of the Graduate School.


I want to work extra hours outside of my assistantship. Is this possible?

Your academic department, regardless of where you hold your assistantship, must petition the Graduate School for you to work extra hours. Check with your department to find out if the petition was approved. You may not exceed a total of 20 hours per week without explicit Graduate School approval. International students are not permitted to work additional hours outside of their assistantship.


Am I allowed to work more than 20 hours a week? 

U.S. citizens are sometimes allowed to work extra hours with Graduate School approval, but federal law prohibits international students from working more than 20 hours/week.


How long do I have to be on an assistantship to get my non-resident and/or tuition waiver?

Graduate assistants must be in appointment status on the following dates to receive the full tuition exemption and/or non-resident fee waiver: March 1st for spring, July 1st for summer, and October 1st for fall.


I am being charged nonresident and/or tuition, but I am a graduate assistant. What do I do?

Make sure that your department has processed the appropriate appointment before the above semester deadlines. It usually takes 4-5 working days to process an appointment. Check your Billing Statement on myLSU to see if the adjustment has been made.


How much will I get paid? 

Stipends vary widely among departments. The current minimum amount is $10,800 for a 20 hour a week, 9-month academic year appointment. There is no maximum amount. Your department is required to put your stipend amount in your assistantship contract.


When will I get paid?

Pay dates and frequency depend upon your appointment; see 2018-19 payroll calendars. If you have a fiscal-year contract (12-month assignment), you will be paid once a month on the last working day of each month. If you have an academic-year contract (9-month assignment), your appointment usually starts during orientation in the fall semester (August) and ends during commencement in the spring (May). You will be paid once a month, on or near the 21st, from September to May.