LA Laws Reference Page

This is a guide to laws that impact LSU.

Higher education in Louisiana adheres to federal and state laws. Louisiana’s legal structure is based on a constitution (just like the federal government) and set of laws called Revised Statutes (R.S.). The constitution is organized by Articles, and education falls within Article VIII. The statutes are divided into major categories called Titles. Statutes related to education fall predominantly in Title 17. However, public universities must also adhere to other parts of the constitution and statutes, such as procurement, facilities, and Civil Service.

The governor also publishes executive orders which provide administrative guidance which are categorized the numerical order in which they were authorized by each administration. The attorney general also issues interpretations of law, the most notable being the finding that tuition and fees are equated to taxes and require a two-thirds vote of each house of the Legislature.

Louisiana laws can be searched on the legislative web site.

AdvertisingR.S. 43:111

LSU Board of Supervisors

Louisiana Board of Regents (coordinating board)

Budget, State

Capital Outlay (Facilities)

Civil Service

Degrees,R.S. 17:3352


Donations (incl. tax deductions and credits)

Endowed Chairs (matching program),Article VII, Section 10.1

Ethics Rules (Gifts),

Fire & Emergency Training Institute,R.S. 22:837

Foundations (university affiliated),R.S. 17:3390

Geological Survey (La),R.S. 17:1492

Higher Education Louisiana Partnership Fund,Article VII, Section 10.4

Laboratory Schools,R.S. 17:350.21

Legislative sessions,Article III, Section 2

LUMCON,R.S. 17:3453

Museum Collection,R.S. 25:1101

Quality Trust Fund (from 8g funds),Article, VII, Section 10.1

Research, Development, and Economic Incentives


  • Children of deceased veterans
  • Children of deceased law enforcement officers
  • Children of deceased/disabled teachers,R.S. 17:1684

Student Aid,R.S. 17:3129.7

TOPS,R.S. 17:5001-5068

Tuition & Fees